Chapter 877 Thunder, Destroy

    His side of the three, now the same teeth, now do not act, they broke no life-force one hand formed hand seals, immediately four weeks countless herb crazy growth, inverted roll straight Wang Lin and go.

    There was another person, the opened mouth spit out a black bead, and a hurricane came out, approaching Wang Lin. The last cultivator is a hand-formed hand seals, and suddenly there are hundreds of sly things that come out one by one, pervading heaven and earth, attacking Wang Lin.

    However, at this moment, the cultivator that first released the Magical Treasure bottle gourd was an eyes flash, and the body immediately retreat, but at the moment of his retreat, the other three people actually held such a plan, and quickly retired. Rear.

    Four people galloped away from four different directions.

    Wang Lin eyes flash, in front of the Sealing Immortals Seal, flashed out, all the attacks in front of the "under the Sealing Immortals Seal, which suddenly became dozens of feet, all collapsed. This print flashed out and went straight to one of them. go with.

    With a loud explosion sound, Sealing Immortals Seal, when it was pressed, swiftly rushed to another person, 100,000 golden rune, filled with heaven and earth, but there are four runes, full of spirituality.

    Wang Lin stared at the four golden runes that were extremely special among the many runes, looking at glittering, in the brain

But there is a very bold idea.

    “If you combine Venerate Soul Streamer with Sealing Immortals Seal…”Wang Lin is so excited.

    The sound of rumble continued to reverberate around. After a while, Sealing Immortals Seal came back, and its j1's spiritual rune, from four to seven!

    Ba grabbed the Sealing Immortals Seal and Wang Lin swayed and disappeared.

    Shengong Hu complexion was pale and rushed in the jungle. He was immediately locked in by a murderer when he first appeared. If he had reacted very quickly, he would dodge in an instant, fearing that it would disappear in the moment of appearance.

    Despite this, he is still injured in dodge, face pale, rushed away, in his behind, the Big Head boy, chasing after.

    On his face, the silly smile, always, staring at the front of Shengong Hu, smiled through the chill, he raised his right hand, and immediately there was a purple light glittering, throwing forward, this purple light suddenly illusion Become a purple ant of a size of a few feet.

    The ant was extremely embarrassed, and when it turned out, it made a roar. The huge ant tongs in the mouth directly rushed forward, and it was faster than Shengong Hu, and went to the other side!

    Big Head’s smile on the boy’s face is even colder. He seems to be able to see the repair in front.

The ants will be torn in half by the ants that they have raised.

    "Unfortunately, the Storage Bag can't be opened here. Otherwise, take out the Magical Treasure and accept this person, Origin Soul.

You don't need to release the sky ants…"Big Head boy muttered to himself.

    At the time of the crisis, Shengong Hu eyes flashed a bright glint, turned to the opened mouth. The huge ant swallowed a fist-sized lightning ball. When the lightning ball came out, there was a rumble of thunder and echoes straight to the ant. And go.

    However, the difference in the cultivation base between the two sides is too great. I saw that the lightning ball was immediately caught by the ant tongs as soon as it approached the ant, and suddenly collapsed.

    A huge bang echoed, under the strong impact, the ant of the huge directly ignored.As soon as it came out, the ant tongs dissipated chill, near Shengong Hu, a clip of 狠狠!

    Shengong Hu bitter smile, from where he appeared until now, to life and death, only less than

The time it takes half an incense stick to burn time, he has not even set aside the killing power, he has to withdraw from this battlefield.

    However, at this moment, suddenly Shengong Hu showed surprise in his eyes. He felt that a familiar aura came suddenly, but see golden light suddenly glitting, a cold voice echoing the sky 1o


    At the moment of the word exit, the golden rune between heaven and earth immediately condense, shrouded Shengong Hu in the blink of an eye, only listening to the bang, the tongs clamped, but directly sandwiched on the golden rune .

    Golden runes flashed, countless golden runes Seal, turned into a golden runes storm, sweeping the "the day the ants suddenly shocked, quickly retreat.

    Big Head The silly smile on the boy's face, immediately solidified, staring at the front, expression gloomy down, without thinking, immediately retreat.

    I saw Wang Lin step by step in the jungle of Shengong Hu behind of, and Sealing Immortals Seal floated on his body.

Before, the soft golden light.

    “Venerated Master !”Shengong Hu's face is mad-hot respectful.

    Wang Lin looked a little, his eyes swept the big head of the retreat, and he sighed: "Thinking.

run!"Under one step, he immediately crossed the enemy, and the Sealing Immortals Seal rushed out.

    The Big Head boy's cultivation base, like Wang Lin, is the Nirvana Scryer initial stage, he is in heaven and earth.

It has witnessed the rise of Wang Lin's, and the heart is extremely jealous to Wang Lin, and simply does not want to provoke.

    "Hello Fellow Daoist Mu, just quit here, why bother to kill, you and my cultivation base are quite, if it is a battle, if you can win, you have to be entrusted, don't give the Xu Ting opportunity!"Big Head The boy’s face is so stupid that he has long since put away, and he hurriedly shouted.

    Wang Lin’s eyes are cold, and when he steps out, his right hand is lifted up. Luo Slash Secret Art is in the middle of the moment, and the inside is forward,

狠狠一斩, Big Head boy complexion big change, the retreat in the illusion The sky ant 咆 咆

, directly blocked in the moment, at the moment of the Luo Slash Secret Art, but it is directly drowning

Sealing Immortals Seal sway, its golden rune falls directly On the crashing day ant, a golden light flashes, this rune is full of spirituality.

    Big Head boy complexion pale, urgent retreat, hands with hand seals, shouted: "Immortal Technique, including!"As soon as this statement came out, a ripple broke out from his surroundings. This ripple echoed, and immediately surrounded by heaven and earth, everything changed, and the same Ferocious Beast was in this village.1, all turned out to be illusory, with a strong murderous roar, and easily rushed to Wang Lin.

    "Take you, test this Xu to exercise the right to mine!"Wang Lin's voice, like the wind of the winter, fell into the ears of Big Head, and he was trembled. He remembered that the other side was swallowing the Origin Soul of Thunder Spirit. The Big Head boy was bitter and exerted Mystical Ability. After that, rush back!

    In Wang Lin both eyes, at this moment, there has been a change, and a thunderous thunder is brewing in his boss eyes.

    "The lightning of this heaven and earth, I have control!"Wang Lin didn't look at the Big Head boy, but looked up and looked at the sky. On the forehead, the Primordial Thunder Dragon's Origin Soul burst out instantly, and the sky was a roar!


    Primordial Thunder Dragon uses the thunder of the right of Ray, and at this moment, reverberates this. Heaven and earth!This roar, like the sheep splitting earth shattering thunder, the rumbling of the eruption, turned into a wave, all the cultivator in this killing battlefield, all shocked!

    Prepare a killing battlefield, at this moment, like the earthquake as as, violently reacted up, heaven and earth reversed, sun and moon subversion!

    Xu Ting is seal dark Mist, after the pursuit of a cultivator, with a grin, is about to swallow, but at this moment, but immediately heard the imitation if the voice of ancient thunder, feel the killing battlefield in the fierce reacted, his body outside the black mist, in this roaring anger Under the sound of Thunder, immediately bang, collapse, the whole body was forced out, the face was aghast, staring at the distance.

    As for the cultivator in the escape, it is a big mouthful of blood, complexion is pale.

It seems that there is a sense of heaven, and it is directly turned into thunder sound by this roar, and the life is overwhelmed!

    In the jungle, the six-finger cultivator is hidden.Standing in a towering tree, waiting for the past cultivator, he is holding the plan to wait for the rabbit, but at this moment, thunder sound rumbling echoes heaven and earth, his whole person, suddenly face pale, as if there is a soul The strength of the stock rushed in, causing him to suddenly force out from hiding, with fear, looking into the distance.

    This…This is the roar of Xu Mu in the land!!"

    Zhan Konglie walked in the jungle, and at the same time heard the roar, his body trembled, and immediately sat down and meditated, medivating resistance. After a while, his eyes flashed, his face ecstatic, and went straight to the roaring place.

    At this moment, all the cultivators in this killing battlefield have all felt the terrible thunder sound, as if the heaven and earth were to collapse under this thunder sound, especially in the sky, at this moment, they would change, A few hundred feet in size like a dragon of lightning, madly toward the far condense.

    The earth trembled fiercely, as it was at the end of Sun!

    Not only this is the battlefield of the killings, but in the outside world, the Thunder Immortal Temple, but seeing the octagonal piece of wood above the blue sky of the thousand-year-old man, constantly reacting, an electric light emerges out of thin air and continues to glide on it. In the sky, it is still Condense out of a large area of ​​Lightning ray, like this world's thunder, was summoned, all approaching, to go worship same as!

    Yan Leizi suddenly stood up and stared at Shao, Horn Wood, complexion gloomy, two hands with formed hand seals, and instantly produced countless imprints, which made the octagonal wood chippingly stop.

    At this moment, all the cultivators who wait and see around have made all kinds of speculations.

    After roaring, Wang Lin forehead's Primordial Thunder Dragon Origin Soul returned to the fleshly body. Outside of Wang Lin's service, the endless thunder and lightning condense, completely turned into a Thunder Pool hell!

    With the sound of rustling sounds, large towering trees collapsed and turned into a ball of fire. Wang Lin at this moment showed strong Lightning ray on both eyes, and numerous thunderbolts swam out of his body. He felt a sense of it. , yourself, is the master of all lightning!

    "Ray, oh!"

    The rumbling sound of thunder heaven shaking, under Wang Lin's finger, but see all the thunder and lightning around, swiftly rushed out, went straight to the Big Head boy, this scene, if you look in the air, you can see that the thing miles Thunder Pool, shrinking instantly, the center of its contraction, that Big Head boy!

    This contraction is too fast, in an instant, it will condense, Big Head boy's eyes are desperate, he has an illusion of facing all the thunder of heaven and earth, this desperate moment, the thunder of the thousand miles, Seal into it !

    With a bang sound makes the entire killing battlefield once again reacted with a loud explosion, Big Head boy whole body, turned into a group of flames, lifted into the sky, not the slightest!

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