Retired Life of Demon Sect Leader Chapter 840


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Tang Tong was finally coaxed into the living room to sit down, and Mei Qianxiao’s robust man’s tender voice was heard outside.

“Be careful of the threshold and raise your legs slowly… Walk slowly, let’s not worry… This is a straight road, but the floor of our living room is a bit uneven. Be careful not to fall…”

Huh? ? ?

I was beaten by Dame Li in the living room and rolled around without feeling the ground. How did you notice that our living room is a bit uneven? You are afraid of falling in the straight. Don’t you want to equip people with hundreds of airbags in the hairpin bends of the Kunlun Mountains? ?

Mei Qianxiao looked at Jiang Zhu Tiehan’s tenderness, and supported Shi Linglong, who was bandaged all over, as if protecting a piece of water tofu that was scattered at the touch of a touch, pushing a big butt to open the way in front of him.

How did this guy treat himself when I was injured before? Pulling around by the back collar, like catching a chicken, and speaking like a bell ringing, as if worried that Laozi’s ears will not be deaf for a while…Jealousy, ah, double-labeled hatred, Mei Qianxiao almost Unable to control his emotions, he kicked his butt.

“Look! You said you would stand on the same front with me to help me, but within a few months, Shi Linglong was recovered…what do you mean!” Mei Qianxiao was about to kick Jiang Zhu The ass was suddenly pulled over by the shoulder, Liu Yunlu said coldly in a murderous tone.

Holy shit, the heroine spare her life! This is really jealous!

“No, where did I find this person? I was idle and had no food to eat? It’s a coincidence that I was saved and my body was injured. If I didn’t carry it back, would it be possible to watch people fall down? Wilderness? Didn’t I do this a brute?” Mei Qianxiao said in a low voice to appease Liu Yunlu, “Besides, what are you afraid of, people are the characters of Divine Immortal who are dangling everywhere in Divine Immortal. It won’t interfere with you if I disturb you for a few days. “

Liu Yunlu can only be nodded when she listens. She has never heard of Shi Linglong’s information about where she has stayed. This is a mysterious person who always can’t see people.

“Miss Shi, you have been chopped by sharp weapons in many places, and the skin and flesh have been cut off in many places. The injury is not light. The trauma medicine of our Archguard Department is very good, and there is the support of the Imperial Palace from the Imperial Palace. Scars, why don’t Miss Shi stay here more about a year so that you can heal your injuries?”

It happened that Jiang Zhu, the big silly man, at this time said this remark, and Liu Yunlu was about to jump up immediately.

I just loosened Mei Qianxiao’s shoulders and grabbed Mei Qianxiao’s neck. It is estimated that he has been choked to death by another ordinary person: “You said only to disturb a few days! Listen, this is about a year!”

You calm down! At most, they will leave after about a year. If you wait a little longer, you will commit a murder case and be sent away!

“It’s good to dare to love…but I also asked Senior Brother to go to the Kunlun Mountains to watch the early spring snow melt. It doesn’t seem to be good to stay for too long.” Shi Linglong’s face was still a little pale, she seemed to have lost too much blood and felt weak and spoke Weak.

“Let’s go! Look, if Brother Zhu wants to stay, he might not want to stay. Why are you in a hurry?” Mei Qianxiao quickly persuaded Liu Yunlu, pulling his neck away for a few breaths. Human, can you let her stay? Look at Tang Tong’s stern look…”

“Junior Sister, don’t even think about playing around because of your injury. I agree that you can stay and cultivate for a while. I will greet them on the Master side. Staying for ten or eight years is not a problem.” Tang Tong’s stern face finally suffocated such words.

Ten years or eight years? ! Liu Yunlu suddenly felt that it was a bit awkward to get started, so she had to use scissors!

No, you scissor your feet to Tang Tong’s side and pinch Lao Tzu’s dog’s head as a fart! Isn’t this Tang Tong’s idea? This Tang Sect Senior Brother will think about Jiang Zhu, will Yuelao reincarnate? For ten or eight years, I am afraid that their children can make soy sauce!

Whether it is Liu Yunlu’s happiness in life or Mei Qianxiao’s life, they are all at stake.

At this moment, the only ones who can save them from crisis are still the parties.

“Senior Brother, are you here?” Shi Linglong’s big, watery but very hollow eyes looked towards Tang Tong, faintly smiled, “Since Senior Brother also suggested the same, I can rest assured that I will leave my wounds. Don’t look. This doctor is strong, but actually very kind and gentle, he should be reliable.”

Liu Yunlu let go, no, she let her feet go, she seemed to breathe a lot of relief… But my brother was not at all comfortable, the whole heart was choked, embarrassment was more uncomfortable than death, and even a little bit to cry.

Jiang Zhu took care of them all night, he accompanied her to see the doctor and helped to bandage the wound… As a result, they still didn’t recognize who he was! ! Call him “Doctor”!

Miss Shi, where do you find such a muscular doctor? ?

My heart was toward the bright moon, but the moon shines on the ditch! Brother can’t bear the lovesickness of a good brother so ruined, so sad…

“Rude!” Who wanted Tang Tong to step up and blame Shi Linglong. “This is the daring beast Jiang Jun from the Archguard Department. I have known you for a long time, and you should recognize others no matter how you don’t care. .”

Tang First Senior Brother, you are also qualified to talk about others? You can take fifty steps in this regard, don’t laugh a hundred steps, okay!

Mei Qianxiao was still surprised: “Daxia Tang, do you still recognize Brother Yan?!”

“as it should be by rights.” Tang Tong touched the back of his head somewhat sorryly. It was strange that he didn’t see baldness at the frequency of his touch. “Tang Mou admits that he and Linglong generally have face blindness. I don’t have a good memory, but I still have an impression on important things. The Hundred Beast Sect dísciple Red Rabbit murder occurred in the last martial arts conference. Red Rabbit and Jiang Jun are walking with us again. I am deeply impressed. Of course I recognize Jiang Bright Gown. Guard.”

It’s not… you have the impression that you can understand important things, but your sister only remembers that Lao Tzu is the second person in the shop. Can this be considered important? ?

No matter what, at least Tang Tong has proved that the reason why he is First Senior Brother is still a bit more capable, at least better than Shi Linglong.

“Ah, it’s the Jiang big brother, I remember it!” Shi Linglong realized afterwards and surprisedly said, “long time no see, I almost forgot the handsome and upright appearance of Jiang big brother…”

Is it not long since we last met? Besides, you are not almost, you have forgotten all about it!

“Not as handsome and tall as you said…he he he…” Jiang Zhu’s face flushed with shame.

Look, men who are in love are so easy to dismiss. Whoever sees a man on the road without saying anything handsome, or seeing a woman without saying anything beautiful? A kind word makes him forget the fact that people don’t remember you at all, and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.

“cough cough, I have a question.” Liu Yunlu saw Jiang Yan without realizing that she was there for a long time. She took a very professional and serious attitude to highlight her career charm. “How could Miss Shi suddenly get hurt and hide.” In the abandoned temple of Mount Huang? Did you encounter any bad guys? As a company of three companies, we have a mission, a responsibility and an obligation to eliminate the evil for the warriors!”

Wait a minute, isn’t this line from our Archguard Department? Can the chief commander of the Imperial Court in your Dongji factory be fooled by the phrase Sansi Gongmen?

“Xie Sansi is pleased for the people, you are really very good…” Miss Shi thanked Liu Yunlu in a salute, “The heroine looks familiar, we should know.”

Well, it’s easy to fool people of this level.

“Hehe, I am Liu Yunlu, the new superintendent of the Dongji Affair Factory. We have acted together in Luolupo.” Liu Yunlu showed a kind and modest smile, allowing Mei Qianxiao to see through the sinister woman’s face.

“No wonder it’s familiar. It turned out to be Miss Liu Yunlu… I did meet the culprit. Although I repelled a lot, I was still outnumbered. Later I was chased to the ruined temple and hid. It is strange to say that I hid. The thief did not dare to chase after the ruined temple hill, as if there was a god blessing it. It was not until the shopkeeper came here with a married woman for a tryst, that the thief discovered my whereabouts…” Shi Linglong slowly moved the The whole sequence of events said.

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