Retired Life of Demon Sect Leader Chapter 841


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Mount Huang happens to be on the edge of Yingtianfu’s jurisdiction. Entering Mount Huang means entering the Yingtianfu area. Now in the Central Plains, no one knows that the emperor is in a sensitive period, and any personal grievances under the emperor’s feet may have to be escalated into a serious matter for the emperor’s safety. At this time, how dare to cause trouble in Yingtian Palace. Shi Linglong inadvertently hid in Mount Huang, and of course the powers with a little brain dared not pursue it anymore.

It’s not that there is a god blessing, but that Dragon’s Might sits in town. Shi Linglong is lucky to escape to the right place!

Aren’t we talking about Shi Linglong being chased and killed, you two are staring at Laozi and making hairy…

Wait, the saying “what the hell is that” said “The second person in the shop has a tryst with a married man”! I’m not talking about Laozi!

Although Lao Tzu’s reputation is already stinky, there are still ethics and morals. Don’t add strange crimes to Lao Tzu!

Liu Yunlu gave Mei Qianxiao a disgusting look like shit, then turned around and said: “I don’t know who Miss Shi has offended and been chased to this point? I will definitely help you solve them…”

Liu Yunlu had firm eyes, gritted her teeth and opened her teeth, as if the thief was not chasing Miss Shi but her.

This time Mei Qianxiao was sure that Liu Yunlu was not pretending to be, she was really annoyed… After all, Shi Linglong would come to the Archguard Department strictly speaking, and the real culprit was the person who pursued her. Without those people chasing and killing, Shi Linglong might have arrived at Kunlun long ago…Well, it’s more likely to go to other places, and will not stay in Nanjing anyway.

“I don’t know… I only know that I was walking in the direction of the Kunlun Mountains, and I was suddenly chased by a group of martial arts talents. I don’t know who they are, and I can’t think of them. Offended who.” Shi Linglong blinked her sluggish eyes, which looked very affectionate, and seemed to be trying to remember.

“Why don’t you know who is going to kill?” Liu Yunlu is anxious, Shi Linglong pretends to be like green tea in her eyes as if she is deliberately arousing love!

“My Junior Sister is right.” Mei Qianxiao believes that Tang Tong didn’t come out to speak for Junior Sister because he had a wink to see, but sincerely explained some common sense problems for Tang Sect. “We Tang Sect is not very happy or swaying the market, so we never think we have any enemies. We can’t stand our martial arts with a wide range, easy to accidentally hurt the innocent, but we have not found it ourselves.”

It’s not that you didn’t find it, it’s because you are short-sighted!

“This one and two things have offended many people. So it’s normal for us to be chased by unfathomable mystery when we go out, and we don’t know what enemies it is.” Tang Tong said.

It’s right to think about it. I have tried a Tang Sect rookie in a martial arts conference before, and when I shot it down a large innocent audience, how can I not build a beam.

“You Tang Sect are also living very hard…every family has scriptures that are hard to recite.” Mei Qianxiao said with a frown.

I don’t know why Mei Qianxiao saw the shadows of his own fellow apprentices from them. Walking on the street may encounter enemies at any time without knowing it. The point is that there are still many enemies, like a mouse crossing the street. Report… Maybe this is called resonance.

“It’s okay, I’m used to it.” Tang Tong showed a smile that didn’t know if it was open-minded or didn’t want to understand how troublesome this is, and in turn comforted Mei Qianxiao, “For example, if I show up here now, maybe it will be the next second. Someone came to trouble me…”

“Tang Sect First Senior Brother, is Tang Sect First Senior Brother here?!”

Before Tang finished talking, there was an elegant but full of sharp voice outside the yard. He could still hear clearly from a long distance away, obviously using the superior Inner Strength.

Liu Yunlu originally thought that Tang Tong was a lack of brains, and her words were a bit exaggerated. Who would think that Tang Tong only appeared in the Archguard Department?

But what is the origin of the person who directly dared to find someone in the Archguard Department General Constitution? ! Besides, there is no identity background, the gatekeeper of the Archguard Department will not let him in the staff dormitory area!

“Tang Sect First Senior Brother, Tang Tong, who is the newcomer? You can come in and talk!” Tang Tong doesn’t like to make troubles, but he doesn’t shrink back when he encounters them, which shows the great style of Great Sect.

The gate of the yard was pushed open cleanly, and the people who came were still paying attention to etiquette. The door opened with just the right force, not arrogant but not domineering.

“In the next Fengling Palace, Gong Fujue, come here for a while!”

Yo, no wonder you dared to go straight to the Archguard Department to find someone. It turned out to be the Fengling Palace of King Liuqin! This identity background, plus the fact that it is not troublesome for his own family, is not easy for the Archguard Department to stop, so he has to do it himself. The people in Fengling Palace also knew themselves well and were afraid to do anything special in the Archguard Department site.

“Miss Shi, don’t be afraid, wait for this Jiang to meet him for a while!” Jiang Zhu’s brain twitched, and he patted his chest toward Shi Linglong.

Sit down and go! Do you practice too much and the ear muscles are blocked? They are looking for Tang Tong, not Shi Linglong!

“Don’t panic, Xiaoer, Tang will definitely pay for the order. Don’t worry about serving! Come when I go, the dishes are not cold!”

On the eve of the war, you said a fart to the shop Xiaoer. Do you think you want to warm the wine and cut Huaxiong? ! You him, hurry up and die!

After all, it’s still in his own territory, and the visitors are the guests, and Mei Qianxiao has to take it first no matter how troublesome it is.

Gong Bujue wears a pillar holding heavens crown on his head, a satin martial robe fits inside, and a long golden silk silkworm coat on the outside. The face is like white jade, red lips, and white teeth. He is totally indistinguishable from a man in his thirties, but rather like a pretty boy in his early twenties.

He took two dísciples from Fengling Palace, and he seemed more stylish than coming alone.

The strange thing is that when they saw Mei Qianxiao, they showed a bit of hatred at the same time.

Mei Qianxiao’s heart trembled a bit… is it possible that last time I turned into a broom star to find Lu Fujin, and troubled him by the way, so he bullied him and formed Liangzi. He saw through his identity? !

He was in a cold sweat, no matter the actual situation, he lowered his head and brought people into the living room.

Suddenly he calmed down on the road to figure it out.

If you can see that he is one of the three stars of the broom, Gong Bujue might have gone back to find Shen Ba Dao to catch someone. After all, he is also an expert, and he should understand that he can handle no broom Samsung.

Mei Qianxiao remembered that he had another relationship with Fengling Palace… At the beginning, he and Enke went to Guangjiang in the Baisong car, and rescued several people from Meihua Pavilion on the way. According to them, they wanted to hunt down. The culprit behind them is actually Fengling Palace. The person from Fengling Palace did happen to appear behind…

If the people in Meihua Pavilion guessed correctly, then the day he saved Fengling Palace’s opponent must have been passed back by Fengling Palace’s dísciple, and even passed to the head disciple in Beijing, Gong Bujue, so They looked very upset at their own eyes.

It seems that Meihuage’s speculation is not unreasonable… The kindness and resentment in the arena is really too much and too annoying. When I see it, I want to retire and not ask about the world.

“Below is Tang Tong. I have heard of Gong Fujue’s name for a long time. I remember that Tang Sect and Fenglinggong have no grievances. I don’t know what Gong Xiashi wants to do when he is looking for Tang?”

You Tang Sect is a lie! I just secretly asked Lao Tzu who Gong Bujue is. ?

Tang Tong dignified was standing in the hall and arched his hand towards Gong Bujue who came in. The straightforward and confident people thought it was their home.

“Fengling Palace and Your sect have no grudges.” Gong Bujue smiled proudly, and looked around, it seemed that he was very satisfied with Liu Yunlu, the new superintendent of the Dongji Factory and the new commander of the Archguard Department, Jiang Jun. After they greeted them, they continued to say, “It’s just that there is a rumor that’famous teachers produce high disciples, must belong to Nantong and Beijue’… Contemporary recognized as representatives of high disciples, Tang Sect Tang Tong in the south, Fengling Gong Gong Fujue in the north. I’m a role model at the same level, but neither of us had a chance to meet each other from start to finish. I would like to take this opportunity to learn from each other. We will compare each other…”

Oh, so that’s how it is…Mei Qianxiao got it.

Gong Bujue entered Beijing as the representative of Fengling Palace, and now he has to compete with other Liuqin Wang competitors for Princess, but his reputation is slightly worse. Since Tang Tong, an expert of the same name who has been compared all the time, suddenly appeared in Nanjing, Gong Fujue naturally wanted to have a while, as long as he wins, his reputation will definitely rise…

If he is allowed to win, he will discuss the name again. After “famous teacher produces high apprentice”, only Gong Bujue will be left. Doesn’t his reputation bring it up a level! The arrow has to be sent on the string, Princess’s marriage is getting closer and closer, even if it can give himself a little more chance, I can’t let it go!

Other Mei Qianxiao will not comment, but Gong Bujue’s self-confidence and calmness that he feels that he will win, Mei Qianxiao can’t be convinced. Experts with comparable strength must be divided into high and low, psychological factors will also become the key factor that affects the results. If you can’t overcome it, you will have Heart Demon, and it will be difficult to grow. Obviously, it is easy for Gong Bujue to control the psychological factors. This Gong Bujue can become a contemporary dísciple well-known figure, and it is not a fame.

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