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02792 The humiliation of Yun Nianlei!

In fact, Yun Qingyan has always had a doubt in his mind.

He has been in God World for three thousand years.

It's just that he has been sleeping for three thousand years.

And Li Ranzhu, he reached God World one step earlier. Well, for Li Ranzhu, she is returning to God World.

Li Ranzhu's purpose in returning to God World is to find Yun Nianlei.

Yun Qingyan believes that with Li Ranzhu’s means, three thousand years...

enough for her to find Yun Nianlei.

Unfortunately, she didn't.

Something must have happened here.

So even if Yun Nianlei didn't say to find Li Ranzhu, Yun Qingyan would try to find Li Ranzhu.

"What exactly did you encounter in Kunlun Dojo?" Yun Qingyan finally asked the question he was concerned about.

Yun Qingyan learned from Emperor Mo that Yun Nianlei was the ancestor of Dongfang Yu Zhou’s Dao World...that is, the founder of Dao World was accepted as a discipline.

The ancestor of Dao World was the first person in Dongfang Yu Zhou to ascend to God World.

And he also founded the Kunlun Dojo in God World...

"Father, do you remember Fu Di?" Yun Nianlei answered the question.

"Of course!" Yun Qingyan nodded said, "Fu Di's previous life is the first Talent of Rock Race!"

"Oh? What about this?" An accident flashed slightly in Yun Nianlei's eyes.

He didn't know that Fu Di's true identity was also normal.

After all, when he came to God World, Fu Di had not revealed the identity of "Fu".

"The reason why I mentioned'Fu Di' is because the situation of'Fu Di' is the same as that of the ancestor of Dao World."

Yun Nianlei returned to the subject: "Dao World In order to gain the great avenue, the ancestor reached the realm comparable to the Divine Emperor... He stripped out his Seven Emotions and Six Desires."

"Well, Seven Emotions and Six Desires were all stripped out, and It’s not just negative emotions."

"After Seven Emotions and Six Desires were stripped out, they became my current Master, the master of Yun Hai."

An accident flashed in Yun Qingyan's eyes.

Didn't expect there is such an inside story.

"Then why did you visit the Kunlun Dojo?" Yun Qingyan was puzzled.

“Because Yun Hai’s reputation is too stinky, it’s a magic cave that everyone can punish. So at first, I don’t want to be the dísciple of Yun Hai’s magic world.” Yun Nianlei said with a smile. .

"So you Master, gave you the opportunity to enter the Kunlun Dojo?" Yun Qingyan asked.

"En!" Yun Nianlei nodded.

"I passed the acceptance test of the Kunlun Dojo, and successfully visited the Kunlun Dojo, and set various records."

"The youngest inner sect disciple, the youngest elite disciple, even, almost became the heir of the Kunlun dojo."

"trees seem beautiful in a forest, but are easily toppled by the wind, that is, at this time, Wu Chunfei lineage stared at me ."

"They first let Jing Jingyu approach me and gained my trust, and then...I was moved by Jing Jingyu."

"On the day of my wedding with Jing Jingyu, The bureau against me was launched. Because of my trust in Jing Jingyu, I took poisonous wine unsuspectingly, a poisonous wine that would let me disperse my cultivation base."

Yun Nianlei's tone is extremely calm. statement.

The general situation is similar to what Wang Chunlin said.

On the wedding night, Yun Nianlei forcibly forced Wei Ruxue’s personal maid...to have sex with Yun Nianlei with Jing Jingyu.

Jing Jingyu would rather never escape the catastrophe, but Wei Ruxue's close servant was defiled by Yun Nianlei.

In order to give Wei Ruxue an explanation, and to clean up the door, Kunlun Daochang decided to secretly execute Yun Nianlei.

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