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The beginning and end of Chapter 02793!

Yun Nianlei certainly resisted.

He not only resisted, but also succeeded in making things big. He by the strength of oneself confronted the expert of Wu Chunfei lineage.

In the end, it succeeded in bringing the matter to the master of Kunlun Dojo.

Everyone thinks that the master of Kunlun dojo will be fair for Yun Nianlei.

Including Yun Nianlei himself, as well as everyone in Wu Chunfei lineage.

Because the method of blaming Yun Nianlei is not brilliant.

Not even a conspiracy, but a conspiracy on the table.

As long as you are not stupid, you can tell at a glance that Yun Nianlei is framed.

What's the identity of Yun Nianlei?

Will force Wei Ruxue's maid to have sex with him?

And if Yun Nianlei really does that, will he be well known?

Even the end of a personal gain?

But the result was beyond everyone's expectations.

Because Yun Nianlei interrupted the cleaning of the Lord of Kunlun Dojo, the Lord of Kunlun Dojo personally ordered Yun Nianlei to be expelled from Kunlun Dojo.

Wu Chunfei’s lineage person originally planned to execute Yun Nianlei secretly...

let him disappear from the face of the earth.

With the order of the Lord of the Kunlun Dojo, they can not only put Yun Nianlei to death.

Moreover, Yun Nianlei was executed grandiosely.

"I can leave the Kunlun dojo alive because the Master dispatched a projection to take me away."

"After this, I realized a truth."


"This World simply has no right and wrong, otherwise the Yun Hai, who is condemned by everyone, will not become my life saving benefactor, otherwise the Holy Land, respected by the world... Kunlun Daochang, also Will not almost become my Land of Buried Bones."

Yun Nianlei's tone said in a tranquil voice.

He still has a lot of details that he didn't say, such as when he was framed... what humiliation he was.

Wei Ruxue's maid, how ugly looks, can Yun Nianlei be guilty of thinking about it on the wedding night?

Originally, he is so honorable in the Kunlun Dojo.

Let him bear such humiliation, it will make him more uncomfortable than killing him directly.

"I will settle this account. I will not let go of those who participated in this battle, no matter what background or backing."

"Wu Chunfei is about to die. , Jing Jingyu is going to die, Wei Ruxue is going to die, even the master of Kunlun dojo is going to die!"

Yun Nianlei said, his tone still calm.

The hatred of Yun Nianlei, the master of Kunlun dojo...even exceeds that of Wu Chunfei and the others.

As the master of the Kunlun Dojo, he didn’t preside over justice, that's all. It’s still at a critical moment...

hit a person when he's down, expelled him from the Kunlun Dojo .

Even now, Yun Nianlei has to bear the traitor's...stigma.

Yun Qingyan did not reveal anything after listening.

However, in his heart, there was already a monstrous murderous intention.

Kunlun Daochang and Wei Family, these two places were directly included in the list of must-destroy by Yun Qingyan.

"Father, you haven't told me how you came to God World." Yun Nianlei couldn't help but say.

After becoming the dísciple of the master of Yun Hai's demon realm, Yun Nianlei asked the opponent to open a channel to Dongfang Yu Zhou several times.

Allow him to return and reunite with his relatives who are still in Dongfang Yuzhou.

But even Yun Hai, the Lord of the Demon Realm, is helpless.

Because the passage to Dongfang Yu Zhou has been completely cut off.

Even if it is comparable to the existence of the Divine Emperor, it can't open up a new route.

"I came to God World on the eve of Dongfang Yu's crossing of Ten Thousand Ancient." Yun Qingyan replied.

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