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02794 Chapter Taihuang Divine Realm!

"Heng...Hengduan Ten Thousand Ancient?"

Yun Nianlei was hearing this, and his body trembled. He had been in God World for three thousand years, and his experience was not the first time.

Now he naturally understands what it means to cross Ten Thousand Ancient.

"Dongfang Yu Zhou's time and space have been cut off, and Te... has completely lost contact with the outside world?" Yun Nianlei's tone couldn't help but tremble a little.

"En!" Yun Qingyan nodded.

"Hiss..." was confirmed from Yun Qingyan's mouth, Yun Nianlei couldn't help but gasped again.

He originally thought it was Yun Qingyan who used the wrong words.

After all, Hengduan Ten Thousand Ancient is just something that exists in legend.

The reality of the world, even if the god Imperial Capital can’t do it... it cuts a universe across Ten Thousand Ancient.

Even if it is just a small universe like Dongfang Yu Zhou.

If you cut off time, no matter the past or the future, you will never reach that territory.

Cut off the space, any movement of the Formation Law, any teleportation, will not reach the universe.

To put it bluntly, the universe traversed by Ten Thousand Ancient already belongs to another parallel world world.

"Father, how did you do it?" Yun Nianlei couldn't help but looked towards Yun Qingyan.

My eyes are full of incredible, full of shock and amazement.

"Even the Divine Emperor cannot cross Ten Thousand Ancient, you...how did you do it?" Yun Nianlei couldn't help but say.

"Strictly speaking, it's not what I did." Yun Qingyan said.

"Who is that?" Yun Nianlei really wants to know which power it is that can do what God's Imperial Capital can't.

"From..." Yun Qingyan hadn't finished speaking, an invisible force of terror suddenly enveloped him.

The whole piece of Heaven and Earth also became extremely depressed at this time, as if even the sky was about to collapse.

Yun Qingyan wanted to say'I come from the future', but after being enveloped by an invisible force of terror, he could not say a word.

Even thinking becomes muddy at this time.

In a very short moment, a shadow appeared in Yun Qingyan's mind, and a shadow was shrouded in mist...

I could only vaguely feel that it was a woman's silhouette.

The woman waved her big hand, and instantly dispelled the invisible terrifying power that had enveloped Yun Qingyan.

"Speak carefully, the game has begun, you are the most important chess of this era..."

The voice of the shadow shrouded in mist suddenly sounded in Yun Qingyan's mind.

This voice Yun Qingyan is too familiar.

He has been in God World's drowsiness for three thousand years, and her voice has been heard in his mind all the time.

'I can't forget, I can't forget my death' voice.

"Speak carefully? The game has begun?" Yun Qingyan's eyebrows slammed.

When he came back to his senses, in his mind, that shadow had disappeared.

Speak carefully!

Obviously, it is for Yun Qingyan not to mention him in the future.

But what does it mean that the game has started?

What is the game? Who are you gambling with again?

And what she didn't finish...what's the follow-up?

Yun Qingyan is the most important chess of this era...

What is chess?

A chess piece?

Or...the chess player?

Or other words?

At this moment, Yun Qingyan's mind is full of doubts.

At the same time, an inexplicable sense of powerlessness eroded his body and mind.

It is as if the fate of being Sovereign, as if the powerlessness of being Sovereign.

"Father, just...what power was that just now?" Yun Nianlei's horrified voice rang again.

For a moment.

Yun Nianlei can clearly feel the invisible power rippling from Yun Qingyan's body.

Faced with that invisible force, Yun Nianlei felt as small as a grain of rice.

Even the Divine Emperor never gave Yun Nianlei this...weak, humble feeling.

Not only that, in the very short moment just now, Yun Nianlei even felt that...this piece of Heaven and Earth was about to collapse.

"I almost talked about... some kind of taboo." Yun Qingyan replied.

With Yun Nianlei smart, Yun Qingyan must be able to think of something like this.

"A certain taboo..."

Yun Nianlei directly connected'a certain taboo' with the person who connected Dongfang Yu Zhou Heng to Ten Thousand Ancient.

Next, the two father and son rushed silently.

Yun Nianlei has a lot of Magic Weapon. Under normal circumstances, based on Yun Qingyan’s cultivation base......

To reach the God World continent where Li Ranzhu is located, at least It takes more than half a year.

But with the help of Yun Nianlei's Magic Weapon, they arrived at the Divine Realm in just three days.

Divine Realm is the place where Divine Emperor is in charge.

Li Ranzhu is the daughter of the Emperor Divine Emperor. Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei are looking for Li Ranzhu...

The first stop is naturally the Emperor Divine Realm.

"Mother is indeed the daughter of the Emperor Divine Emperor..."

After receiving confirmation from Yun Qingyan, Yun Nianlei sighed.

"Fortunately, these people, I have never killed anyone from Li Family, the battle of Sanduao...and no one from Li Family participated."

Yun Nianlei couldn't help but be thankful. .

"Father, shall we go directly to Li Family next?" Yun Nianlei couldn't help but said.

"Can you directly contact the Divine Emperor?" Yun Qingyan asked.

"I can't, but my Master should be able." Yun Nianlei thought for a while and said.

Yun Hai, the Lord of the Demon Realm, exists on the same level as the Divine Emperor.

So Yun Hai Demon Lord...that is, Yun Hai Demon Lord, he can communicate directly with Divine Emperor in all likelihood.

"My Master is still dealing with the other Taoist Kunlun, Wei Family patriarch, and six other Divine Emperors."

Yun Nianlei was about to contact his Master immediately, but it turned out to be disappointed Up.

"The battle of Divine Emperor Level is normal for hundreds and thousands of years. So in a short time, I'm afraid I can't count on the Master."

Unable to contact Yun Hai After Demon Lord, Yun Nianlei lightly sighed.

"Then we directly find Li Family." Yun Qingyan said.

Yun Qingyan has several points confirmed.

So I have the confidence to find Li Family directly.

The Emperor Divine Emperor loves Li Ranzhu very much, so even after Li Ranzhu was severely injured in her mother’s womb and Death...

He did not hesitate to spend time and effort and put Li Ranzhu Put his Remnant Soul into his Life Source Magic Weapon'Tai Huang Bagua Diagram'.

The Divine Emperor attaches great importance to Li Ranzhu.

Yun Qingyan is Li Ranzhu's husband, Yun Nianlei is Li Ranzhu's flesh and blood...

They go to Li Family and naturally there will be no accidents.

"Even if there is a real change..." Yun Qingyan muttered in his heart, an idea appeared in his hand.

The idea of ​​the mysterious woman from the future.

This is Yun Qingyan's biggest life-saving hole card now.

"It's convenient to go to Li Family." Yun Nianlei said.

Then took Yun Qingyan and flew over a huge city.

"Yun Hai, the devil of the devil, Yun Nianlei, come to visit!" After reaching the sky above the giant city, Yun Nianlei's voice resounded through Heaven and Earth.

As if you don’t even need time, there are thousands of Divine Consciousness locked in Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei.

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