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Chapter 02795 sees the Emperor Divine Emperor!

After coming to God World for so long, it is the first time Yun Qingyan has really seen...hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

In the Divine Consciousness that locks him and Yun Nianlei, there are more than a thousand Dao...giving him a huge monster feeling.

"Is your Li Family this way of hospitality?" Yun Nianlei's voice couldn't help but become unhappy.

His cultivation base, of course, does not care about the countless glances of Divine Consciousness.

But Yun Qingyan is different.

Yun Qingyan is just the middle god Peak, how can he withstand the oppression of Divine Sovereign and Divine Consciousness of the gods?

"hehe, please also Fellow Daoist Yun forgive me, I just habitually release coercion."

Immediately, the voice of a middle age person sounded.

Then, in front of Yun Nianlei, a silhouette appeared out of thin air.

"Fellow Daoist Yun, who is this?" The middle age person who appeared out of thin air, looked towards Yun Qingyan.

The reason why Yun Nianlei is unhappy is because of their pressure...

It has an impact on Yun Qingyan.

Look at the appearance of Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei again, if nothing else...

They are most likely twin brothers.

"This is my Martial Uncle." Yun Nianlei said indifferently.

The identity of Yun Qingyan has been discussed before coming to Divine Realm.

This is for safety reasons.

refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases, give Yun Qingyan the identity of Yun Hai, Li Family, even if they come in disorder...


"Martial Uncle? Could he be the Junior Brother of Yun Hai Demon Lord?" The middle age person asked unexpectedly.

"Not bad!" Yun Nianlei nodded.

"My Martial Uncle took the wrong path in the early years and chose to rebuild, and now I am only the middle god Peak."

This remark is to explain, Yun Hai Demon Lord’s Junior Brother...Why is it just a small mid-level god.

"so that's how it is." middle age person slightly nodded.

When I re-looked towards Yun Qingyan, the middle age person already had some respect in his eyes.

"Li Daoyuan, one of the Elders of Li Family, meet Senior!" The middle age person gave Yun Qingyan a gift of Younger Generation.

As for Yun Qingyan, why he looks like Yun Nianlei, he didn't think deeply.

Since it is a reconstruction, it is possible to choose a new face.

Yun Nianlei is Dragons Among Humans regardless of appearance or temperament, and the other party turns into Yun Nianlei...

It is also reasonable.

"Fellow Daoist Yun, Senior Yun, please join Li Family." Li Daoyuan, the middle age person, made a gesture of asking.

At the moment, Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei followed Li Daoyuan to Li Family.

"Our patriarch is still in retreat, so I can only entertain the two of you this time. I hope you can forgive me!"

After arriving at Li Family, Li Daoyuan couldn't help but say again.

Under normal circumstances, the identities of Yun Nianlei and Yun Qingyan must be personally received by Li Family patriarch.

"I don't care about red tape, but I came to Li Family this time to visit your patriarch." Yun Nianlei said.

"Visit our patriarch..." Li Daoyuan couldn't help showing an awkward look on his face.

"Fellow Daoist Yun, can it be convenient for me to tell me what is going on? If I can call the shots, I will do it myself. If it is a big deal, it will not be too late for me to ask patriarch."

As if afraid that Yun Nianlei would be unhappy, Li Daoyuan said: "Fellow Daoist Yun, I have no other meaning, mainly because we patriarch explained before the retreat...Unless the most urgent major event, we must not disturb him."

"We want to meet the Divine Emperor, and we want to contact Divine Emperor Your Excellency through your patriarch." Yun Nianlei straight to the point.

"I want to see our Divine Emperor Your Excellency..." Li Daoyuan Meiyu instantly dignified.

He knows that when it comes to the Divine Emperor, he is not qualified to participate.

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