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Chapter 02796 Danger Land Killing Formation!

Yun Nianlei is the dísciple of Yun Hai Demon Lord, and Yun Hai Demon Lord is the same level as the Divine Emperor.

Yun Nianlei can meet the Divine Emperor if there is a suitable reason.

And once the Divine Emperor is involved, no matter what, Li Daoyuan is not qualified to know.

Even the patriarch of Li Family can only act as a linker.

"I will report to patriarch immediately!" Li Daoyuan said quickly.

"Trouble Elder Li." Yun Nianlei cup one fist in the other hand said.

Leaving the banquet room, Li Daoyuan flew straight to the depths of Li Family.

The entire Li Family is shrouded by a large array, and the inside of the Li Family is shrouded in mist all year round.

Li Daoyuan holds a token in his hand. With this token, he can go unimpeded...

Continuously go deep into the Li Family.

In about a few minutes, the place where Li Daoyuan is located is already pitch black. No matter the naked eye or the Divine Consciousness, nothing can be seen.

"Daoyuan, what disturbs Gu Qingxiu."

In Li Daoyuan's ear, a powerful but not angry voice suddenly sounded.

"Yun Hai, the demon son of the Demon Realm, Yun Nianlei, has something to ask to see Divine Emperor Your Excellency."

Li Daoyuan bent his body and respectfully said to the darkness of nothingness: "Subordinates have no rights. Calling the shots, so I can only come to see patriarch."

"Yun Nianlei!"

Hearing this name, Heaven and Earth, all around, seemed to be cold all of a sudden.

At this time, Li Daoyuan said again: "By the way, patriarch, and Yun Hai Demon Lord's Junior Brother is the same."

"Yun Hai Demon Lord and Junior Brother?"

The voice of Li Family patriarch couldn't help but be puzzled.

There are very few people in God World who know the true identity of Yun Hai Demon Lord.

In order to gain the Dao Dao, Dao Master Kunlun stripped away his emotions.

The emotion that was stripped away became the master of Yun Hai's demon realm.

So Yun Hai Demon Lord has no teacher, no senior and junior brothers.

"What are the characteristics of this person and what is the cultivation base?" Li Family patriarch asked.

"According to Yun Nianlei's remarks, this person had gone the wrong way, but with great courage, he scattered the cultivation base and chose to rebuild."

"After the rebuild, he Using Yun Nianlei as the prototype, rebuilt a fleshy body." Li Daoyuan said what he knew.

"In other words, he looks exactly like Yun Nianlei." Li Family patriarch murmured.

all around Heaven and Earth The chill is heavier.

Even Li Daoyuan felt like a thorny back, as if he was in the iceberg of thousands of years.

"Let's go, take Gu to meet them." Li Family patriarch said coldly Bingbing.

next moment.

In Li Daoyuan's sight, there appeared a middle-aged silhouette that looked extremely ordinary.

This middle age person wears a daoist robe, a shabby daoist robe, and has an Ordinary and mediocre temperament, without the appearance of a superior person.

When you put it in the crowd, you just look like everyone else.

"By the way, inform Great Elder and let him turn on the'Danger Land Killing Formation'."

Just as soon as he spoke, Li Family patriarch exuded ice cold aura.

This coldness makes Li Daoyuan tremble.

"Absolutely...Danger Land Killing Formation!" Li Daoyuan heard this and took a breath of cold air directly.

This is the ancestor of the Li Family...that is, the Formation Law hand-crafted by the Emperor Divine Emperor.

So far, Li Family has never used'Danger Land Killing Formation'.

There are rumors that once the'Danger Land Killing Formation' is activated, even the Divine Emperor Clone Body can be killed.

Li Daoyuan was confused and couldn't figure out why patriarch launched the'Danger Land Killing Formation'.

If Yun Nianlei had an accident in Li Family, Yun Hai Demon Lord would be crazy.

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