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Chapter 02798 Danger Land Killing Formation!

Great Elder is the second person in the Li Family. Naturally, he knows far more things than Elder Li Daoyuan.

He inferred that after patriarch wanted to launch the Danger Land Killing Formation, he immediately flew to the family.


Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei are still in the banquet room of Li Family at this time.

I don't know why, Yun Qingyan suddenly felt anxious.

"Nianlei, Yun Hai Demon Realm and Li Family, are there any grievances?" Yun Qingyan couldn't help asking.

"No." Yun Nianlei said.

"Not only are there no grievances, but Li Family is one of the few, and there are no emperor-level forces hostile to the Yun Hai Demon Realm."

"I have long heard of Yun Qingyan's name, today Finally met." At this moment, a powerful but not angry voice suddenly sounded.

Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei have a dazzling eyebrow.

Because the other party said Yun Qingyan, not Yun Nianlei.

"No wonder he can dominate a small universe, it really has several points of ability."

A seventy-eighty-year-old white hair ruddy complexion old man appeared out of thin air. In the banquet hall, "When you are still in the lower realm, you can send your son to God World, and you can also become the devil of Yun Hai Demon Realm."

"Do you know who we are?"

Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei, both looked towards this seventy-eighty-year-old white hair ruddy complexion old man.

He is no one else, but Li Family's current patriarch Li Asura.

"Of course, Eastern Lord of Universe, Eastern Celestial Court Heavenly Emperor!" Li Family patriarch Li Asura said.

"As for you, a wild species that can't be seen."

When Li Asura looked towards Yun Nianlei, his murderous intention was revealed, and his eyes were unconcealable.

"What did you say?" Yun Nianlei's eyes fell cold, "Li Asura, do you know who you are talking to?"

Wild species!

This word not only insulted Yun Nianlei himself, but also insulted Yun Qingyan and Yun Hai's magical realm.

He is now coming to Li Family as the demon of Yun Hai.

"Why, do you still want to use Yun Hai's identity as a demon demon to crush me?" Li Asura said with a sneer disdainfully.

"Counting the time, it's almost the same." Li Asura said each minding their own business.

After that, he volleyed up, and the roof of the banquet room suddenly split a hole, allowing his silhouette... to continue to float in the air.

The terrifying baleful aura, suddenly centered on Li Asura, constantly flocks to Heaven and Earth everywhere.

The banquet room where Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei are, also rises from the ground at this time, rises into the air, and rises to the center of the baleful aura.

The Great Elder of Li Family, who has appeared behind Li Asura at this time, used a piece of Yu Linglong as the medium to launch a Formation Law.

On the ground below, Li Daoyuan sighed, "Patriarch, what is the reason that makes you irreconcilable with Yun Hai, but Yun Nianlei will die..."

"In the end What is the reason!"

Li Daoyuan could almost imagine the anger and madness of Yun Hai Demon Lord when he learned that Yun Nianlei had fallen on Li Family.

Yun Nianlei, but the only dísciple of Yun Hai Demon Lord.

As everyone in God World knows, Yun Hai Demon Lord wants to train Yun Nianlei as the heir.

In this case, Li Family patriarch will actually die to Yun Nianlei!

"Li Asura, do you know what you are doing?" Yun Nianlei said solemnly.

He didn't expect in his dreams, Li Family dared to attack him, and...he would still die.

"hahaha, you can die in the Danger Land Killing Formation, Yun Nianlei, you are worthy of death."

Li Asura's crazy voice rang.

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