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Chapter 02799 Demon Lord appears!

In front of Danger Land Killing Formation, apart from the Divine Emperor, the real Divine Emperor...

The remaining creatures will not have a second way except consigned to eternal damnation.

Even if the Divine Emperor Clone Body comes, only Ruin will end.

The moment Li Family patriarch Li Asura launched the Danger Land Killing Formation, the ending of Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei was doomed.


After Danger Land Killing Formation was completely activated, Yun Nianlei roar's voice rang.

Yun Qingyan's fleshy body is like a cracked tileman, with one after another crack on the body surface.

It's not just Yun Qingyan's fleshy body, but also his soul.

At this moment, Yun Qingyan does not even have the ability to roar or scream.

"Li Asura, if you dare to move my father, the Emperor Divine Emperor will not let you go!"

Yun Nianlei exclaimed again suddenly, because he found himself fundamentally There is no ability to stop.

At this time, he already knew that it would be useless to threaten Li Asura with Yun Hai Demon Lord.

"Hahaha, threaten me with Divine Emperor Your Excellency? Who do you think is the one who will kill your father and son?" Li Asura said coldly with a smile.

I heard this.

Yun Nianlei's complexion is 1st Transformation.

Yun Qingyan, whose fleshy body and soul are on the verge of disintegration, trembled.

Li Asura, as the Li Family patriarch, will take action against them...

It should have been thought that this is the meaning of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

But Yun Qingyan couldn't figure out why the Emperor Divine Emperor did this.

Especially, when he was still in Dongfang Yuzhou, the future Yun Qingyan descended...

He was still holding the Emperor's Eight Diagrams, the Emperor's Divine Emperor's Life Source Magic Weapon.


At this moment, Yun Nianlei took out a projection.

A projection of Yun Hai Demon Lord.

However, this projection cannot be connected with the ontology of Yun Hai Demon Lord because it cannot be contacted with the ontology.

"Li Asura, are you going to fight on behalf of the emperor and solitary? Irreconcilable war?"

The moment Yun Hai Demon Lord projection appeared, he said very domineeringly.

Even if Danger Land Killing Formation is in hand, it can suppress the Yun Hai Demon Lord projection...Li Asura, facing the projection of Yun Hai Demon Lord, he swallowed subconsciously.

"Please also Demon Lord to atone for your sins. All of this is the meaning of our Your Excellency." Li Asura said.

If Yun Hai Demon Lord is determined to kill him.

No one can protect him in the entire God World.

Imperial Capital does not work.

So in the face of Yun Hai Demon Lord, Li Asura will not feel hard at all.

"Then let Taihuang Li get out and see you!" Yun Hai Demon Lord's projection said.

"Sorry, our Your Excellency has closed, even if I can't contact him."

Li Asura can only say with his head down.

"Then you are trying to force the loneliness and kill the entire Li Family?" Yun Hai Demon Lord's complexion completely cold.

He is the Demon Lord, a Demon Lord at the same level as the Divine Emperor.

He proposed to let the Emperor Divine Emperor appear, whether Li Asura can do it or not, it must be done.

Otherwise, it would be to blaspheme Emperor Wei!

"Sorry, Younger Generation's request from the Demon Lord is really difficult to achieve." Li Asura apologized again.

At this time, Li Asura, there is still a little bit of aloof and remote when facing Yun Qingyan.

"Younger Generation? What thing are you, trivial ant is trivial, and dare to brag about Younger Generation in front of loneliness?"

Yun Hai Demon Lord coldly snorted, the horror is caught Lee Asura.

"Demon Lord Your Excellency, Younger Generation did not dare to be your enemy, but now... I have to be your enemy."

"Killing Formation, baleful aura Dragon Transformation!" Li Asura moved his fingers to mobilize the Danger Land Killing Formation and blasted towards the projection of Yun Hai Demon Lord.

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