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Chapter 02800 Yun Qingyan comes back!

In the imposing manner, the projection of Yun Hai Demon Lord has the absolute upper hand.

Li Asura faced him, not even daring to take a breath.

Faced with the strength of Yun Hai Demon Lord, Li Asura brace oneself.

Li Asura is indeed afraid of Yun Hai Demon Lord, even if the one in front of him...is a projection.

But the shadow of the tree of the name of the person, once Yun Hai Demon Lord settles the book, unless the Emperor Divine Emperor can take him for life.

Otherwise, Li Asura will be liquidated, it is only a matter of time.

"Danger Land Killing Formation was laid down by the Emperor himself!"

"You dare to launch the Danger Land Killing Formation, it seems to be the meaning of the Emperor."

After being enveloped by the Danger Land Killing Formation, the projection of the Yun Hai Demon Lord began to dissipate at a speed where the naked eye was visible.

At this moment, Yun Hai Demon Lord, on the contrary, calmed down, and extremely calm.

He looked towards Yun Nianlei, "Nianlei, you are incompetent for being a teacher if you can't protect you. But for the teacher, I promise that the entire Li Family and the entire Emperor Divine Realm will be buried with you."

After the voice fell, the projection of Yun Hai Demon Lord completely dissipated.

No one doubts Yun Hai Demon Lord this remark.

Everyone including Yun Nianlei and Li Family knows that Yun Hai Demon Lord will definitely fulfill his words.

It's just that the shocking thing is that Yun Hai Demon Lord is more than a Li Family.

There is also the entire Divine Realm.

"Li Asura, I want to know why the Emperor Divine Emperor did this!" At this moment, Yun Qingyan's voice rang.

"Do you still have the ability to speak?"

Li Asura could not help but looked towards Yun Qingyan.

What his Divine Consciousness can't find is that Yun Qingyan holds a ray of mind in his hand.

This ray of thought has been grasped...there is a crack.

There is terrifying energy overflowing from it, blocking the power of Danger Land Killing Formation for Yun Qingyan.

"I not only have the ability to speak, but also the ability to turn over." Yun Qingyan said again.

Next, he waved his hand slightly to dissipate the power that was shrouded in Yun Nianlei's body.

At this time, even Yun Nianlei regained the ability to act.

"I want to know the reason why the Emperor Divine Emperor killed us, and give me a reason for my satisfaction." Yun Qingyan looked directly at Li Asura.

"Otherwise, without Yun Hai Demon Lord's action, Li Family will no longer have to exist after today."

Li Asura was frightened.

The power of Danger Land Killing Formation has been released to the extreme. At this time...

Even the Divine Emperor Clone Body can only end up being bombarded.

Unfortunately, Yun Qingyan recovered his peaceful appearance at this time.

At this time, Yun Qingyan was really not affected by the Danger Land Killing Formation.

Not at all.

Yun Nianlei At this time, the gaze looking towards Yun Qingyan flashed with worship.

In Mortal World, Yun Qingyan was the absolute king.

Even in God World, Yun Qingyan can still perform miracles.

Today's game, even his Master's projection could not be broken.

Yun Qingyan is at this moment...pulling strongly against a crazy tide.

Yes, Yun Nianlei at this time believes that Yun Qingyan can already pull strongly against a crazy tide.

"My patience is limited."

When Yun Qingyan saw Li Asura not speaking, he couldn't help but said coldly Bingbing: "You should know that I will give you a chance to speak, yes It depends on Ranzhu's face."

"You, you...what kind of amazing Magic Weapon is in your body!"

"How can it be connected with Danger Land Killing Formation Power can resist!" Li Asura only thinks that Yun Qingyan is using Magic Weapon to resist Danger Land Killing Formation.

"Just resist?" Yun Qingyan sneered, slapped out.

hong long long!

A face-to-face, Li Asura's silhouette, was slapped to the ground by Yun Qingyan.

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