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Chapter 02801 is shockingly reverse!

The idea of ​​the mysterious person from the future has not been fully released yet, and it has given Yun Qingyan incomparable power.

At this time, Yun Qingyan seems to have changed back again, Dongfang Yu Zhou a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain Emperor Yun.

"pu ——"

"cough cough!"

Li Asura climbed up from the ground with difficulty, with dazzling blood on the corners of his mouth and chest .

Li Asura Eyes is full of shock, extremely shocked.

Yun Qingyan's seemingly random slap gave him an unmatched suffocation.

You know, he is in the Danger Land Killing Formation now.

Even Yun Hai Demon Lord’s projection was beheaded by him with no difficulty.

But now, Yun Qingyan directly makes him feel invincible.

"Danger Land Killing Formation, is it strong?" Yun Qingyan's indifferent voice rang again.

"Disperse to me!"

While Yun Qingyan waved his hand, terrifying power swept away from him.

hong long long!

With Yun Qingyan as the center, there is a terrifying rumbling sound in the sky within a radius of one million metres.

The mask formed by Danger Land Killing Formation instantly turned into powder.

As the controller of Danger Land Killing Formation, the Great Elder of Li Family...immediately was backlashed, and long blood spurted out of his mouth.

His silhouette also fell to the ground from the suspended mid-air.

"Do I have to test my patience?" Yun Qingyan looked at Li Way of Asura indifferently.

At this time, his patience is almost exhausted.

He wants to know, why the Emperor Divine Emperor wanted to kill him!

And this reason, Yun Qingyan must be acceptable to him.

Otherwise today, he will pull up Li Family by the roots.

"hahaha, hahahahaha..."

Although Li Asura was shocked by Yun Qingyan's strength, he now faces Yun Qingyan's ultimatum.

Not only did he not beg for mercy, but he burst out laughing.

"Why are you killing you? Yun Qingyan, are you asking knowingly, or are you pretending to be stupid?"

"Yun Qingyan, if it weren't for the Divine Emperor, you can't get out now, you must protect yourself at all times The Divine Soul that Saintess is about to extinguish..."

"You are already dead!" Li Asura looked at Yun Qingyan with hatred.


The Divine Soul that is about to extinguish?

Yun Qingyan's eyebrows slammed, in Li Family...only Li Ranzhu is eligible to be called Saintess.

"Patriarch Li, you...the Saintess in your mouth, is this... my mother Li Ranzhu?"

Yun Nianlei immediately asked, with tension and anxiety in his eyes .

"Apart from Ranzhu, who is eligible to be my Li Family Saintess?" Li Asura coldly snorted.

"The hateful thing is that Saintess was poisoned by the most trusted person when he was unfair to others!"

When Li Asura said'the most trusted person', he was full of Looking at Yun Qingyan with gnashing teeth.

He really wanted to smash Yun Qingyan's body into pieces.

Even for this, the entire Li Family will be compensated...I do not hesitate!

"Tell me, what happened?" Yun Qingyan flashed, and the silhouette appeared in front of Li Asura.

"That's it! Right now!"

Yun Qingyan put his hand on Li Asura's neck, and the long sword transformed by Power of God, zi zi agitated.

"It's this time. If you pretend to be stupid, does it make sense?"

"You are prepared today, isn't it just getting our Divine Emperor Your Excellency pumping right? We are not born, so we have to kill our Li Family."

When Li Asura said this, she suddenly looked towards Yun Nianlei, "You are indeed a wicked species, a wolf-hearted thing, Yun Qingyan killed even your mother, you Actually still following him."

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