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02803 Chapter Emperor Shang!

Some people know the existence of Yun Qingyan in the future, but Yun Nianlei is not one of them.

So when he saw the image of the soul crystal, Yun Nianlei decided...

The person who shot Li Ranzhu was Yun Qingyan.

When Yun Nianlei asked why you did this, you were already angry to the extreme.

But when Yun Nianlei saw that Yun Qingyan slapped himself top of the head...

Yelled instinctively: "Don't..."

Li Asura's reaction was also shocked, because Yun Qingyan had never thought about the result of his shot.

At this moment, Li Asura couldn't help but wonder whether there would be hidden secrets in it.

Or, the person who shot is not Yun Qingyan?

In an instant, Li Asura rejected these speculations.

Because Divine Emperor impossible was wrong.

The Divine Emperor thinks Yun Qingyan is the murderer, so Yun Qingyan is the murderer.

There will be no second possibility.

hong long long!

The terrifying rumbling sound not only shattered Yun Qingyan's head.

I also pierced the vacuum behind Yun Qingyan.

Yun Qingyan died in front of Yun Nianlei, in front of Li Asura...

"No—" Yun Nianlei exclaimed, and then he burst out with a'poof'.

next moment, the whole person fainted.

First, through the soul crystal, I witnessed my father...killed my mother.

Then I watched my father with my own eyes...Kill myself.

How could Yun Nianlei bear such a stimulus.

Li Asura, and Li Family's Great Elder, were completely stunned on the spot at this time.

Yun Qingyan is not a show, not a show, he really closed himself in front of them...

"Patriarch, you...can you tell me what is going on?" Li Family Great Elder couldn't help throwing his doubts to patriarch Li Asura.

The moment before, he was full of thoughts, because Yun Qingyan showed the power of Ruin Li Family.

And their Emperor Divine Emperor......

At this time, there is no time to deal with the crisis of Li Family.

But in a blink of an eye, Yun Qingyan died, and he still judged himself in front of them.

"Patriarch, whoever shot Saintess, would it...not Yun Qingyan?"

Seeing that patriarch Li Asura did not answer, Li Family Great Elder couldn't help but say again.

If the person who shot is Yun Qingyan, it means that Yun Qingyan is an extinct person.

And if it is an extinct person, how could it be possible to self-judgment with the upper hand.

Li Asura still did not respond to Great Elder's inquiry.

His mind could not help but the words before Yun Qingyan extinct himself.

Do you think that I can’t help you? Do you think... I can't do anything with you?

Yun Qingyan had a hideous face and hatred when he said this. This shows that...

He cares about Li Ranzhu very much.

And it is extremely concerned.

In this case, how could he still attack Li Ranzhu?

There is no reason for the Divine Emperor to make a mistake.

Li Ranzhu will not!

Li Ranzhu called him Emperor Yun before he was killed by the black sickle.

"Great Elder, you first take Yun Nianlei to withdraw." Li Asura said abruptly.

"Yes, patriarch!" Great Elder immediately took the order.

"Use the best Medicine Pill to heal him." Li Asura said suddenly.

After the Great Elder left with Yun Nianlei in his arms, Li Asura also left, heading towards an altar in the deepest part of Li Family.

"Your Excellency, although you have explained, even the crisis of the survival of the family cannot disturb you..."

"I have no ability to deal with the things I have discovered right now. "

Li Asura said, squeezing a drop of blood essence...dropped on the altar.

As Li Family patriarch, he can use blood essence to communicate with Divine Emperor.

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