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The 02804 chapter future!

Li Asura took out a drop of blood essence and launched the altar to communicate with the Emperor Divine Emperor.

next moment, the altar emits terrifying rays of light, and an illusory projection descends on the altar.

"Li Asura!"

A majestic voice with Supreme sounded.

The voice was a bit sullen, and Li Asura spouted a mouthful of blood just listening to it.

After the voice fell, a silhouette exuding terrifying imperial might appeared in front of Li Asura.

At this moment, this silhouette is looking at Li Asura with cold eyes.

"Your Excellency calms down, Your Excellency calms down, if you don't encounter problems that your subordinates can't solve, you belong to... subordinates..."

Li Asura hasn't finished speaking yet, suddenly Another spurt of blood.

The whole person was even more shocked by an imposing manner...unmatched.

"Gu said, in any case, you must not disturb Gu." Exuding the silhouette of Supreme Emperor Wei, looking towards Li Asura, murderous intention has appeared.

Li Asura knows that at this time must be a long story short, otherwise it is very likely that he will not even have time to state the incident...

He will be killed by the Emperor Divine Emperor.

After Li Ranzhu has only one Divine Soul left, Divine Emperor's temperament has changed drastically, and there is a possibility of madness at any time.

So it's not as a last resort, Li Asura really doesn't want to...and dare not bother Divine Emperor.

"Yun Qingyan and Yun Nianlei have come to Li Family, but Yun Qingyan doesn't seem to know that he killed Saintess."

"The subordinates showed Yun Qingyan the story of Saintess Death After the soul crystal, Yun Qingyan in front of his subordinates...self-end!"

Li Asura spoke very fast.

I just finished talking, and seemed to think of something, and immediately added: "Also, Yun Qingyan seems to have mastered a certain mysterious power. This power is terrifying, even the'Danger Land Killing Formation' has been taken by him. The finger breaks."

"But in this case, Yun Qingyan also chose to self-decision."

"The subordinates can't understand it anymore, so I risked a big deal. ......Don't disturb Your Excellency!"

Li Asura saw the Emperor Divine Emperor let him finish speaking, and couldn't help but sighed in relief.

He didn't dare to hesitate, and immediately took out a memory crystal from his sleeve.

Showed what happened just now.

After watching Divine Emperor, he fell silent.

In fact, he had known for a long time that Yun Qingyan killed Li Ranzhu must have inside information...

It's just that his anger made him reluctant to think about inside information.

What he has to do is revenge. No matter what the inside story is, Yun Qingyan dares to kill his daughter...

Then Yun Qingyan should die.

But now the Emperor Divine Emperor is silent and plunged into deep thought.

In the memory crystal, Yun Qingyan's many words shocked the heart of Divine Emperor.

Sorry, I should not bury emotions.

Sorry, I shouldn't fall in love with you.

What does Yun Qingyan this remark mean? Are you saying that Li Ranzhu will die because he Yun Qingyan loves her?

Especially the sentence Yun Qingyan said before blasting his top of the head with a palm.

Do you think that I can’t help you? Do you think I can't do anything with you?

When Yun Qingyan said this, there was obviously a bit of confidence, a confidence of revenge...

But his behavior was self-closing.

Abruptly, the Emperor Divine Emperor seemed to think of something, and a cold glow flashed in his eyes.

He thought of a sensational change that caused God World more than three thousand years ago.

Ziwei Star, representing the Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor, became dim in a short moment...

Under normal circumstances, the Emperor Star will always release rays of light.

Unless, the owner of the Emperor Star... changes will happen.

At the time of God World, many people believed that this was a precursor to the fall of the Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor.

'Many people', including other Divine Emperors, even Crape Myrtle god Imperial Capital thinks so.

So Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor did one thing at this time.

He went to find the first Life Sizing Master of God World...Heaven Operator!

Sky operator consumes one third life essence, and counts as a person...the future!

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