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Chapter 02805 comes from the future.

"Yun Qingyan is the future!"

"The one who killed Ranzhu is Yun Qingyan! The future Yun Qingyan!" Tai Huang Divine The Emperor in this brief moment finally solved the doubts in his heart.

In the memory crystal, Yun Qingyan said that he should not bury his emotions.

If he bury his emotions now, then in the future... will he be completely desperate and become a cold-blooded body?

The Emperor Divine Emperor probed his hand slightly, grabbed the memory crystal in his hand, and the terrifying Divine Consciousness poured in.

What happened just now, was read again by the Divine Emperor.

And this time, any detail has been reflected in the mind of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

"Yun Qingyan holds a ray of mind in his hand."

"Well? Such a terrifying idea, at least it is also from the hands of the Divine Emperor, but God World does not have this number of people. "

Suddenly, the Emperor Divine Emperor stared wide-eyed, "This, isn't this the fluctuation of the'Tai Huang Xian Yuan Jue'?"

Tai Huang Xian Yuan Jue It is the cultivation technique that the Emperor Divine Emperor comprehended after attaining the Divine Emperor Dao.

There are only two people in God World for cultivation.

One is Emperor Divine Emperor himself, the other is his daughter...Li Ranzhu.

Currently, the Emperor Divine Emperor only has the 6th Layer, because the Emperor Divine Emperor only comprehended the 6th Layer.

But the fluctuations of the Taihuang Xianyuan Jue emanating from the ray of mind in Yun Qingyan's hand...

far surpassed the previous 6th Layer.

This shows that someone has perfected the Taihuangxian Yuan Jue.

"En?" The Emperor Divine Emperor suddenly widened his eyes again, and both eyes looked towards the outer circle area of ​​Li Family.

"This time and space has been suspended..."

The Emperor Divine Emperor thought to himself that at this moment, even he...can only keep his heart active.

His projection, together with this space, was pressed...pause.

"How is it possible..."

The Emperor Divine Emperor was once again shocked.

The outside of Li Family...that is, the area where Yun Qingyan was located before, the time that was originally suspended suddenly went backwards.

Where is someone turning time around!

This, this is simply a huge handwriting, you know... Even the Divine Emperor, it is difficult to turn the time in God World.



Li Family.

The banquet room area turned into ruins.

Among the ruins, a beautiful figure walked out of thin air.

The whole body of this beautiful shadow is filled with a mist, no matter the naked eye or the Divine Consciousness, the mist is impenetrable.

If Yun Qingyan is here, he will definitely feel familiar...

Because of this fog, he has only seen him in the future.

This...this shadow, shouldn't it also come from the future?

"Forgive me for not being able to recognize you." This shadowy lightly saying.

A drop of crystals slipped quietly from her cheek, and after landing, it turned into nothingness.

"The future has foul wind and bloody rain. People who once fought with you have suffered countless deaths and injuries."

"Before I came, Emperor Mo had just fallen, and he sacrificed himself "

"Devil Emperor Yuan Shi is also dead. He desperately saved your wife that Mingzhong is married to."

"As for me, there is no danger for the time being, because even the future you I don't even know... my true identity."

After the misty shadow muttered to herself, she looked towards the deepest area of ​​Li Family.

Her eyes fell on an altar.

"Forgive me too, for not being able to recognize you." She said this, as if to the person on the altar.

"Who can imagine that a secret technique in a small and weak small universe will cause countless universes and countless time and space to destroy the world." She said with a smile to herself.



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