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The whereabouts of the 02806 black sickle!

At the last moment before Yun Qingyan's consciousness disappeared, a palm hit the top of the head.

After that, everything disappeared.

The fleshy body disappeared, the consciousness disappeared, and even the soul was scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

In a dim, Yun Qingyan regained consciousness.

"What's the matter, I...Am I not dead?" Yun Qingyan's consciousness is still very weak at this time.

Can only do some simple thinking.

He can't even remember why he died, how he died...

At this moment, Yun Qingyan's hearing suddenly heard a...very familiar sound.

During the three thousand years when he came to God World to fall asleep, Yun Qingyan listened to this voice every day.

Don’t forget, don’t forget to die.

Don’t forget, don’t forget to die.


"Future!" Yun Qingyan's consciousness gradually became stronger, and finally the master of the voice sounded.

"Emperor Yun!"

At this time, Yun Qingyan heard clearly that the future mysterious woman called his name.

"Wake up, burn both jade and stone can't solve the problem."

"In other words, what you did is not burn both jade and stone at all."

"Although you made him hurt, it was only pain. Even if you are gone and dead in this era... he is still there, because the future he has long since asked for an extremely terrifying realm."

"No matter any moment or existence, his existence can no longer be erased. What you can do is to change history and use you of this era to dominate...the future!"

" p>

Yun Qingyan wanted to respond, but he found that he could not speak.

Because he is just a ray of consciousness, a ray of consciousness that exists in the world, but is extremely illusory.

"You can't die, your existence involves too many people and too many things."

"Dongfang Yu Zhou did not really cross Ten Thousand Ancient because he stayed One hand. If one day, he really faces death, Dongfang Yu Zhou is his biggest hole card."

"Emperor Yun, find your emotions, what you can do, you just need to do it , Is to find your emotions."

"You have people who love you, you also have people you love, fighting for the people who love you, fighting for the people you love, and at the same time... Fight for yourself!"

The mysterious woman from the future, after talking about this, suddenly lightly sighed, "I should go now. Go back to the past to reverse time and space. It consumes too much energy. Maybe this This is the last time I came back."

Yun Qingyan's consciousness suddenly became violent, and he seemed to have a thousand words to ask.

Unfortunately, I couldn't say a word.

"Do you want to ask me who I am?" The mysterious woman from the future seems to have guessed...the reason why Yun Qingyan's consciousness became violent.

"Sorry, for the sake of my safety, I can't tell you."

The meaning of a mysterious woman from the future is obvious.

Once Yun Qingyan in this era knows her identity, Yun Qingyan in the future will also know immediately.

With Yun Qingyan's style in the future, her consequences...will be unimaginable.

Ten thousand years later, Yun Qingyan is already invincible.

Hearing the words of mysterious woman, Yun Qingyan's riot consciousness...gradually calmed down.

Mysterious woman sighed slightly in relief, she went on to say: "At any time, don’t think about my identity, remember, at any time..."

"This is, For my own good."

Yun Qingyan's consciousness became more calm, and he seemed to use this to reply to her.

At this time, she said again: "Find the Emperor Divine Emperor and open the Foreign Domain magic land for you. The black sickle is there."

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