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Chapter 02807 has a mysterious wisp, extinguished at any time!

Tai Huang Divine Realm, Tai Imperial City, Li Family.

The imprisoned time and space have been lifted.

The projection of the Emperor Divine Emperor on the altar in the deepest part of the Li Family also restored the ability to act in this brief moment.

He didn't hesitate, and he teleported to the sky above the Li Family banqueting room turned into ruins.

He saw a silhouette, red silhouette.

At this time, he was lying motionless on the ruins.

"Cloud...Yun Qingyan!" The Divine Emperor's tone was slightly trembled.

He was in the memory crystal, and he clearly saw Yun Qingyan hit his top of the head with a palm.

Destroy yourself both body and soul.

But now, Yun Qingyan is lying on the ruins intact.

"Not only reversed time and space, but...but also successfully resurrected Yun Qingyan."

The Divine Emperor was full of shock in his eyes. This is something that the god Imperial Capital could not do. .

If it were normal times, the Emperor Divine Emperor would definitely be excited at this time.

Being able to do what the Divine Emperor cannot do, it means that the person has a cultivation base that surpasses the Divine Emperor.

This in disguise shows that Divine Emperor is far from the end of cultivation.

This in disguise shows that Divine Emperor has always wanted to pursue the road in his heart.

Divine Emperor is "nothing".

Nothing is: there is not even nothingness.

To be more thorough, there is nothing, nothing in the true sense.

At this step, it is already Undying and Inextinguishable, and I can't even kill myself.

As long as the Divine Emperor is willing, it can be transformed into nothingness, nothingness of nothingness and nothingness.

I have nothing, how can I kill it?

But Divine Emperor a single thought can become what it is.

But because of Wuwu, Divine Emperor couldn't go any further.

Because even Divine Emperor doesn't know how to move forward.

So the world...

This world, even including a Divine Emperor, thinks that the Divine Emperor has reached the end of its cultivation.

If it were normal times, the Emperor Divine Emperor would find someone who surpassed the Divine Emperor, and he would be happy and excited.

Because of this, he can continue cultivation.

At the same time, it also foreshadows that he guessed that the Divine Emperor was not the end.

At this moment, what the Emperor Divine Emperor thought of had nothing to do with cultivation and realm.

"I, can I think of a way, please go to the supreme powerhouse in the future...reverse time and space to resurrect Ranzhu?"

The Emperor Divine Emperor said in his heart.

Li Ranzhu's injuries were so serious that there was only a strand of Divine Soul left.

This strand of Divine Soul was just barely kept.

Furthermore, when the Divine Emperor has to cast spells all the time...

can barely keep it.

It is impossible to resurrect with this Divine Soul.

At least his Emperor Divine Emperor couldn't use this Divine Soul to resurrect Li Ranzhu.

"bang!" Yun Qingyan only felt his head shake, as if there was a flood and tsunami-like terrifying energy pouring into his mind.

In an instant, Yun Qingyan woke up from a coma.

"Yun Qingyan, who is the person who resurrected you, and how can you contact him."

The tone of the Emperor Divine Emperor was full of coldness.

Even if he is now, he already knows that the person who killed Li Ranzhu... is the future Yun Qingyan.

Divine Emperor Yun Qingyan is still full of murderous intention.

"Divine Emperor!"

Yun Qingyan looked at the projection in front of him, and immediately guessed the identity of the opponent.

"What happened to Ranzhu?" Yun Qingyan asked in a shaky voice.

The expression on his face is full of self-blame.

"There is only a strand of Divine Soul left, and it will be extinguished at any time." said the Emperor Divine Emperor.

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