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Chapter 02809 mysterious warm jade!

Under normal circumstances, Yun Qingyan is dead, and Divine Emperor impossible will let Yun Qingyan go.

Because Divine Emperor's heart is not only sad, but also terrible hatred and anger.

This hatred, this anger can only be vented by killing Yun Qingyan and all people related to Yun Qingyan...

However, Yun Qingyan’s words spoke to his heart, or...

This sentence was recognized by him.

Anger and hatred have no meaning. The resurrection of Li Ranzhu is what we must do now.

"From today, all resources of Li Family are at your disposal." The Emperor Divine Emperor looked at Yun Qingyan and said.

The monstrous murderous intention in his heart was forcibly suppressed by him.

Since it is to solve the problem, he naturally wants to help Yun Qingyan to the greatest extent.

"Younger Generation swears that he will not let Senior down!" Yun Qingyan also vowed on the spot.

"Younger Generation needs Senior to take me to a place right now." Yun Qingyan said straight to the point.

"Where." Divine Emperor indifferently said, he did not feel that Yun Qingyan was unsatisfied, and immediately began to make demands.

On the contrary, he also appreciates Yun Qingyan's behavior.

Because he has already stated his position, he will help Yun Qingyan to increase cultivation base with the fastest speed.

"Foreign Domain magic land!" Yun Qingyan said.

Divine Emperor Meiyu slightly frowned, "Do you know where the Foreign Domain is?"

"I don't know." Yun Qingyan shook the head.

For Foreign Domain, he was the first to hear that it was the mysterious woman in the future who told him.

Moreover, the mysterious woman directly asked Yun Qingyan to find the Emperor Divine Emperor.

"Do you know the Kuroshio Current?" Divine Emperor asked again.

"I heard it." Yun Qingyan nodded and said.

In the future, the Kuroshio Current will sweep across the heavens and the entire God World.

Yun Qingyan still remember that the future self said that the extinction is the Kuroshio...Lianshen Imperial Capital can Ruin.

"Could it be the Kuroshio Current, which is related to the Foreign Domain magic land?" Yun Qingyan asked involuntarily.

"Foreign Domain is the origin of the Kuroshio." Divine Emperor said, with an imperceptible dignity flashing in his eyes.

Yun Qingyan hearing this, an accident also appeared in his heart.

The mysterious woman from the future wants her to go to the origin of the Kuroshio.

There is no doubt that this trip will be full of crises and full of variables.

"Senior may take me there." Yun Qingyan finally decided to go here.

Because the mysterious woman in the future...

Impossible will harm him.

He wants to get the'black sickle' from the foreign domain by himself, so the'black sickle' must be of great help to him.

"Yes!" said the Emperor Divine Emperor.

"But loneliness can't accompany you, because even loneliness, in the foreign domain magic land...There is a risk of falling."

Li Ranzhu's Divine Soul, It may go out at any time, so Divine Emperor needs to be protected at all times.

Once the Emperor Divine Emperor falls, the Divine Soul of Li Ranzhu will also completely dissipate.

Yun Qingyan certainly knows the concerns of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

In fact, he didn't want the Emperor Divine Emperor to accompany him on adventures.

The Emperor Divine Emperor can help him go to the foreign domain magic land, Yun Qingyan is already grateful.

"By the way, Senior..."

Yun Qingyan seemed to think of something, and suddenly said: "Someone asked me to transfer something to you."

Yun Qingyan said, suddenly spread out the palm of his left hand, and saw a piece of green warm jade on the palm.

This warm jade, without any energy fluctuations, looks like Ordinary can no longer be the jade pendant of Ordinary.

But after seeing this piece of warm jade, Divine Emperor's complexion changed again...

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