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02810 Chapter Taihuang's sorrow!

"It's...who asked you to give it to the lonely?" Divine Emperor said.

Even if it was him, his tone was trembling slightly.

"The future." Yun Qingyan said.

The mysterious woman in the future gave Nuan Yu to Yun Qingyan before leaving.

I didn't elaborate on the details, only that he was asked to transfer Nuanyu to Yun Qingyan.

"Three days later, Gu personally sent you to the Foreign Domain magic land!" The Emperor Divine Emperor looked at the warm jade, his complexion changed again for the first time.

After a while, he recovered and said in a calm tone.

The words are behind, and he didn't even see him make a move. The warm jade in Yun Qingyan's hands...has already been in his hands.

"Li Asura, treat Yun Qingyan well." Divine Emperor said.

After that, his silhouette disappeared.

In a Small World deep in the Li Family, the Emperor Divine Emperor holds warm jade in his hand, and his eyes keep falling on a ball of...black Remnant Soul.

This Remnant Soul stands still, as if it has lost its life force, but outside of Remnant Soul......

There is an invisible Formation Law, which always delivers life force to Remnant Soul.

The Emperor Divine Emperor constantly irrigates his own energy to this invisible Formation Law.

The still Remnant Soul is the divine Soul of Li Ranzhu.

As long as the Formation Law stops, or the Emperor Divine Emperor stops sending energy to the Formation Law...

That strand of Remnant Soul will be destroyed in an instant.

"Lun Hui Soul Jade, Lun Hui Soul Jade that has long disappeared in this era." The Emperor Divine Emperor muttered in a low voice.

"Really you are back..."

"Unfortunately, if you are sent into the Lun Hui channel, I...Are we still a father and daughter?"

Divine Emperor said with a trembling heart.

At the moment Yun Qingyan gave him warm jade, many things were already in the heart of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

No wonder the mysterious woman from the future will be "Tai Huang Xian Yuan Jue".

Furthermore, the fluctuations of the'Tai Huang Xian Yuan Jue' displayed far surpassed the first 6th Layer.

The Divine Emperor has only created the first 6th Layer so far.

Obviously, the follow-up Taihuangxian Yuan Jue......

It was perfected by later generations.

And this latecomer, the moment the Emperor Divine Emperor saw'Lun Hui Soul Jade'... he already had an answer in his heart.

"Don't worry, I understand your mind, this matter...I will definitely keep it secret."

The Emperor Divine Emperor whispered in a low voice. At this time, he is proud it's me'.

As if the object he talked to himself was someone who was very close to him.

In a blink of an eye, three days passed.

The Emperor Divine Emperor whispered to the Lun Hui channel, "Goodbye, my love..."

"Goodbye, all of me!"

"I will use everything in exchange for us to see you again."

When the Emperor Divine Emperor muttered, his eyes kept rolling down.

As the Divine Emperor, he almost forgot the feeling of tears.

Almost at the same time, there was an extremely dazzling star in the starry sky outside God World, suddenly a piece of it peeled off...

It turned into a meteor and fell into the endless universe.

This scene has attracted the attention of many supreme powerhouses in God World.

Especially several other Divine Emperors.

"What happened to the Emperor Divine Emperor, why did it cause the Emperor Star to vibrate, and even part of the stars peeled off!"

"The Emperor was in tears, how could it be possible, Divine Emperor I would shed tears too."

"What kind of blow made the Emperor cry? Could it be that Li Family Saintess had fallen?"

"The Emperor Divine Emperor loved and loved the most. What I care about is Li Family Saintess. The only thing that can make him cry... is only related to Li Family Saintess."

Li Family Saintess naturally refers to the biological daughter of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

"Pass the order, don’t provoke anyone in Li Family for nearly a thousand years!"

"Pass the order, no conflict with Li Family for a thousand years!"

Several giants of the Divine Emperor, immediately gave orders to their families.

Because they know that the current Divine Emperor is very terrifying, there must be countless killing thoughts in their hearts to vent.

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