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Chapter 02811 Li Ranzhu's bloodline!

Divine Emperor is both'nothingness', as a'nothingness' level existence, every move of Divine Emperor...

will affect Celestial Phenomenon and cause a series of changes.

The natural phenomenon caused by the tears of the Divine Emperor is even more important.

Although the Divine Emperor is not desperate, but because the level is too high...

It is so high that there is almost nothing, which can cause the Divine Emperor to experience mood swings.

Supreme Existence, also Divine Emperor, through the change of the Emperor Star... guessed what happened to the Emperor Divine Emperor.

So they immediately issued an order to prohibit any conflict between their family and Li Family.

At this time, the Divine Emperor was extremely terrifying.

No one wants to provoke a madman at this time...Invincible exists.

In the Small World created by the Emperor Divine Emperor, a heavy snow fell.

The snow scene is obviously beautiful, pure to the extreme beauty.

But the Small World covered in snow is full of sadness.



The Emperor Divine Emperor kept muttering, the expression on his face was extremely empty, just It's like being taken away from the soul.

"I will do my best to meet you again!"

"In your next life, I will use everything to protect you!"

"Little Zhu , You will always be my Little Princess, my favorite Little Princess." The Emperor Divine Emperor said as he looked at the healing Lun Hui channel.


As the Lun Hui channel completely healed, the roar that the Emperor Divine Emperor could not control came out.

Divine Emperor at this moment.

If it weren't for the obsession to support him...I'm afraid he's already enchanted.

He must find Little Zhu's next life.

He must find his next life of Little Princess.

In her next life, even if she loses bloodline relationship with him...

She will be his most important person.


The time of Small World is controlled by the Emperor Divine Emperor.

No one knows how long the time in Small World has passed, and no one knows how long it took for the Emperor Divine Emperor...

I can barely manage the sadness in my heart... Pressed down.

When the pure white snow melted away, Small World suddenly appeared numerous Azure Bamboo.

The world, which was still white and snowy, has become a sea of ​​green bamboo.

The Emperor Divine Emperor took a nostalgic glance at Small World, and then disappeared.

He has already sworn in his heart that next time he comes back, he will definitely take Little Zhu with him.



Yun Qingyan does not know what happened in Small World.

At this time, he is still guarding Yun Nianlei's bed in a coma.

Three days have passed since Yun Nianlei passed out, and today...

It is also the day when the Emperor Divine Emperor promised him to send him to the foreign domain magic land.

"Patriarch Li, Nianlei will take care of you." Yun Qingyan looked towards Li Way of Asura.

Just as Li Asura was about to answer, suddenly he saw a silhouette in the wing room.

Li Asura didn’t even have time to hesitate, so she instinctively knelt to the ground, "Li Asura, see Your Excellency!"

The silhouette that suddenly appeared was just after leaving Small World. The Divine Emperor.

The Emperor Divine Emperor ignored Li Asura, nor glanced at Yun Qingyan next to him.

Instead, he walked straight to Yun Nianlei's sleepy bed.

The original Divine Emperor was going to be killed along with Yun Nianlei...

But when he approached Yun Nianlei up close, he directly felt... an echo from the bloodline.

The Emperor Divine Emperor, who had a heart failure because he personally sent Li Ranzhu Remnant Soul into the Lun Hui channel, had a new hope in his heart.

"He inherited the bloodline of Little Zhu..." Divine Emperor said in his heart.

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