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Chapter 02812 erases Yun Nianlei's memory!

Yun Nianlei and Yun Qingyan, although they look exactly the same, even their temperaments are more than 90% similar.

Yun Nianlei gave him a completely different feeling from Yun Qingyan.

When facing Yun Qingyan, the Emperor Divine Emperor will have murderous intention instinctively in his heart.

At the first sight of Yun Nianlei, Divine Emperor felt close.

He instinctively found his emotional sustenance for Li Ranzhu in Yun Nianlei.

"Asura." The Emperor Divine Emperor suddenly said.

"Subordinates are here!" Li Asura was excited, and hurriedly responded.

The Emperor Divine Emperor has always called him by name and surname, didn’t expect today......

"From today, Nianlei will be conferred as Li Family Holy Son. "The Emperor Divine Emperor said.

At the end, he added: "Tell the world!"

The power of Divine Emperor Level, once there are figures of Holy Son and Saintess this level, they often tell the world. .

Being famous for Holy Son is one reason.

There is another reason, which is to tell other forces that if you dare to move Holy Son... you will be retaliated by Li Family irreconcilable.

"Subordinates take the orders!" Li Asura was extremely shocked by the news, but took the orders immediately.

In front of the Divine Emperor, all he has to do is to obey, unconditionally obey.

Then Li Asura plucked up the courage and said: "Your Excellency, Nianlei is not only our Li Family Holy Son, but also the demon of Yun Hai."

"We tell the world. At the same time, do you want to point out that the two are the same person."

I have to say, Li Asura is very good at talking.

His concern is that Yun Nianlei's identity and becoming the Holy Son of the Li Family...will it cause the suspicions of other Divine Emperor Level forces?

Because once Yun Nianlei becomes the Holy Son of Li Family, it is equivalent to telling everyone...

Li Family and Yun Hai Demon Realm, from now on will be the firmest allies.

God World so far, there has not been an alliance between two Divine Emperor Level forces.

At least not on the surface.

"Yun Hai Demon Realm Orphan Association personally went to say hello." Divine Emperor indifferently said.

The concerns of the Emperor Divine Emperor are not to cause the suspicion of others.

Rather, it slightly has several points of worry that Yun Hai Demon Realm will not agree...their demon son will also serve as the Holy Son of the Li Family.

"The subordinates know." Li Asura lowered his head and said.

"Yun Qingyan, you gave birth to a good son." The Emperor Divine Emperor turned his head slightly at this time and glanced at Yun Qingyan.

With the eyesight of Divine Emperor, Yun Nianlei's cultivation talent was naturally seen at a glance.

Even if you look at God World in ancient and modern times, there are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

"But you are not a qualified father. I hope that from now on, you will no longer be associated with Nianlei."

Yun Nianlei's coma was caused by... He suffered a blow outside the range in his heart.

First, I saw father killing mother through the soul crystal, and then I witnessed the self-closing of my father.

His emotions, at that moment, despair to the extreme.

So he even spurted out his blood.

The severe blow also made him faint.

Yun Nianlei now has her self-consciousness closed.

Under normal circumstances, unless he is willing to wake up and face reality...

Otherwise, in theory, he will be in a drowsy state in this life.

"The loneliness can wake him up, but it is meaningless to wake him up. Because he wakes up, he will live in agony every day."

The Emperor Divine Emperor looked indifferently. Yun Qingyan said: "So Gu plans to erase all the memories of Nianlei about you."

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