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Chapter 02813 goes to the foreign domain magic land!

Yun Qingyan certainly knows that Divine Emperor makes sense.

Yun Nianlei didn't wake up because he didn't want to wake up.

Forcibly awakening Yun Nianlei will only make him live in pain every day.

There are only two problems that Yun Nianlei has to solve.

One is to treat the symptoms completely, to resurrect Li Ranzhu, and only in this way can he come out of the grief of killing his mother.

The other one can be regarded as a temporary treatment, but it is not thorough enough, that is, to erase his memory of Yun Qingyan.

"The orphan will give him a new memory. He was originally Li Family Heaven's Chosen, and he was arranged to go to Dongfang Yu Zhou for training."

"So, he will have him in Dongfang The memory of Yu Zhou will also have the memory of returning to God World."

"Only the memory of you and Ranzhu, he will never have it again." The Emperor Divine Emperor looked at Yun Qingyan and said.

He said that these are not discussions, but statements, telling Yun Qingyan what he is going to do.

"Li Asura, transfer the Holy Son to the temple to rest." The Emperor Divine Emperor turned and looked towards Li Way of Asura.

The temple was the former residence of Li Ranzhu.

Yun Nianlei has now become the Li Family Holy Son, so he naturally wants to live in the temple.

After Li Asura took the order, he wrapped Yun Nianlei with Formation Law and transferred it to a palace made up by Formation Law in the depths of Li Family.

"Are you ready?" Divine Emperor looked towards Yun Qingyan.

"Okay." Yun Qingyan nodded and said.

"Then set off." The Emperor Divine Emperor waved his big hand, and disappeared into Li Family directly with Yun Qingyan.

Next moment, he has brought Yun Qingyan to the starry sky outside God World.

The starry sky of God World is immensely vast, not just visually, the vastness of Divine Consciousness.

It is full of Dao Accumulation.

Dao gave birth to One One gave birth to Two Three Births Myriad Things ……

The starry sky of God World is endless and endless.

Even the Divine Emperor can never fly to the end of the starry sky in his entire life.

After coming to the starry sky of God World, Yun Qingyan felt an inexplicable restlessness in her heart.

It seems that there are countless avenues, continuously pouring into his body.

"Do you think the universe has an end?" Divine Emperor suddenly asked.

"I don't know." Yun Qingyan shook his head without thinking.

Dongfang Yu universe has an end, but Yun Qingyan knows that in the eyes of the great power of the Emperor Divine Emperor...

Dongfang Yu universe is not a universe, but a lower realm.

"How is it possible..."

Suddenly, Yun Qingyan stared wide-eyed.

Because he discovered that the universe of God World is like a vast expanse of Formation Law.

Including the planet of God World...

Everything is shrouded by this Formation Law.

"Is this Formation Law?" Yun Qingyan couldn't help asking, his tone full of shock.

"It has several points of eyesight." Divine Emperor slightly nodded.

"However, this Formation Law is the Formation Law that has existed since the beginning of Chaos."

Unspoken implication, this is not artificial, but the Formation Law formed by Heavenly Dao.

"The universe has an end, but this universe has no end, right?" Yun Qingyan said again.

He thought of the question the Emperor Divine Emperor asked him before.

"Dao gave birth to One, One gave birth to Two, Two gave birth to Three, Three Births Myriad Things !"

"Cycles and starts, come and go, endless life! "

"The space of this universe will become endless and uninterrupted under the background of Formation Law."

"Unless someone can explore the big array, otherwise Even the Divine Emperor can't reach the end of the universe, right?"

Yun Qingyan said, at this moment, he seems to have a clear comprehension.


Suddenly an imposing manner of breakthrough erupted from him.

Directly from the middle god Peak, reach the upper god in one breath.

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