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Chapter 2815 02814 Arrived in the sea of ​​bounds!

Divine Emperor saw this scene, slightly nodded, a man who can be seen by Li Ranzhu...Sure enough, has several points of Jinliang.

As long as you are a real Talent, you can get insights from the Formation Law that covers the universe the first time you step into the starry sky.

Get insights about the "Tao".

Only not many people can rely on this breakthrough.

Countless hundreds of millions of years ago, his Emperor Divine Emperor counted as one.

"En?" The Emperor Divine Emperor's eyebrows shrank again, Yun Qingyan broke through to the upper god queen......

The aura in the body is not stable, but faster Speed ​​continues to explode.


Yun Qingyan was promoted to Divine King suddenly from the upper god.

Even if Divine King is on God World, it is on the side of Sovereign. When placed on God World and Middle God World, it is even more invincible.

"It's not his comprehended avenue, but the Grand Dao Law of everywhere is getting close to him!"

The Divine Emperor immediately discovered the reason why Yun Qingyan advanced again.

This discovery shocked Divine Emperor.

At this time, Yun Qingyan is in a very strange state.

His thinking has returned to the Mortal World countless years ago.

That was the first time he encountered Blue Lotus Earth Fire.

At that time, the body and soul of Blue Lotus Earth Fire were stripped away.

What Yun Qingyan encountered was the Blue Lotus Earth Fire in the form of a soul.

At that time, the soul of Blue Lotus Earth Fire was suppressed by the'Dragon Trapping Formation'.

Dragon Trapping Formation is just a small Formation Law.

So by Yun Qingyan's means, with no difficulty, it was broken.

At this time, Yun Qingyan recalled the Blue Lotus Earth Fire because of...

The Dragon Trapping Formation that suppressed it at that time.

Yun Qingyan's feeling of being in the starry sky of God World is very similar to the feeling of facing Dragon Trapping Formation at that time.

The Formation Law that covers this starry sky seems to be from the same person as the Dragon Trapping Formation at that time.

Yun Qingyan's mind could not help but think of another person.

A person who hasn't been traced for a long, long time.

In Heavenly Star Continent, he is known as'Number One Under the Starry Sky Sword God'.

He is Feng Wu Ji Guang.

In Heavenly Star Continent, there is also a catchy verse:

Eight Desolations Six Directions I am invincible, Nine Heavens and Ten Earths My lord rises and falls, and there is on the other side of the stars I have said that Ten Thousand Ancient Lun Hui was sponsored by me.

"Senior, are you really sure that the Formation Law that covers the universe of God World was not artificially arranged?" Yun Qingyan asked suddenly.

"The Formation Law that existed when the chaos first opened, the probability of artificial arrangement is almost zero." The Emperor Divine Emperor replied.

"Then Senior has ever heard of Feng Wu Ji Guang!" Yun Qingyan's tone was condensed again.

"Of course!" Divine Emperor nodded.

"The cultivation base is peerless, with countless incarnations and full of countless large Small Worlds. Even in God World, there are countless legends about him."

"However, so far, it has I have never heard of anyone who has actually met him."

At this moment.

Yun Qingyan seems to have figured out some things.

Unfortunately, what he thinks, except himself...

Can't speak to others at all.

But for the next Foreign Domain magic land line, Yun Qingyan is more confident.

"Heavenly Dao Spirit!"

The Emperor Divine Emperor grabbed Xu Kong, and he caught a ray of agility in his hands.

This breath, like a lifeform, is just a gaseous existence.

It is full of the breath of Heavenly Dao.

"This is the spirit of Heavenly Dao. Only by holding it can you reach the boundary sea." Divine Emperor said.

Jiehai is the Sea Territory located in the starry sky of God World.

No one knows where the Dao World Sea is located. Anyone who wants to go to the Sea must pass through the'Heavenly Dao Spirit'.

And the magic land of Foreign Domain is in the sea of ​​bounds.

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