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02816 Chapter Jiehai meets Emperor Mo!

The sea of ​​bounds is too big, boundless, yet calm and tranquil, so it gives people a feeling of eternal loneliness.

Yun Qingyan has a small compass in his palm. In the boundless sea, he uses this compass to identify directions.

Yun Qingyan just flies like this, flying at a uniform speed, and the sea... has always been without waves and waves.

In Boundary Sea, unless there is a special instrument to record the time, it is difficult to know how long time has passed.

Finally, Yun Qingyan felt tired from flying, and he took out a flat boat from the space ring.

He sat on the flat boat and released a part of Power of God to drive the flat boat to his destination.

"Boundaries are all negative emotions, these cannot be absorbed by me, so I can only restore my strength by refining Divine Stone."

Yun Qingyan whispered, putting both hands on Above a crystal clear and near-transparent Divine Stone.

Divine Stone is an ore containing Power of God.

Itself is agglomerated by Power of God, which can be directly absorbed by people.

It is worth mentioning that Yun Qingyan's Divine Stone is a gift from Li Family.

The Divine Stone placed in the Yun Qingyan Storage Ring is enough for Yun Qingyan to go from Divine King cultivation to Divine Sovereign, or even a god.

Above the Divine King, there are Divine Sovereign, God Sovereign, God Sovereign, and Divine Emperor.

But just by absorbing Divine Stone cultivation, I want to go from Divine King to Divine Sovereign...

It will take at least ten thousand years.

This is still the case without encountering the level.

Once you encounter a level, it may be a hundred thousand years, a million years... or even a lifetime will not pass.

Time just lost every minute and every second. In a blink of an eye, Yun Qingyan has been wandering on the flat boat for ten years.

Ten years later, Yun Qingyan finally restored the peak state.

Counting the previous flight time, Yun Qingyan has been traveling in Jiehai for 30 years.

"Well? There is a breath of life." Yun Qingyan's eyebrows slammed, his eyes looked towards the rear.

A strong breath is flying from behind at a speed faster than Divine King.

In a few minutes, this silhouette can catch up with Yun Qingyan.

There are no creatures in Jiehai.

This is what the Emperor Divine Emperor said.

Therefore, there must be no creatures in Boundary Sea.

Unless the other party is the same as Yun Qingyan, coming from the outside world.

"Invisible Star Clothes!" Yun Qingyan thoughts move, an invisible garment, which hides his silhouette.

The invisible star suit is also the Magic Weapon given to him by Li Family.

Not only can you hide the fleshy body, but you can also conceal your own breath.

Unless the Divine Emperor comes in person, even the gods will not be able to find it.

The gods are already second only to Divine Emperor.

"Strange, I clearly sensed the breath of creatures before..."

Soon, a peerless silhouette appeared in the area where Yun Qingyan was sheltering the moment before.

Yun Qingyan, who was already invisible, couldn't help being shocked when he saw the person coming.

Because the person here is Emperor Mo.

Just when Yun Qingyan was about to show up, the peerless silhouette suddenly released the terrifying Divine Consciousness.

Start shooting a radius of million metres.

"What is the cultivation base of Emperor Mo today?" Yun Qingyan's eyes flashed with surprise again.

Emperor Mo's Divine Consciousness has been swept away from his Divine Consciousness, but Emperor Mo doesn't know it.

But Yun Qingyan clearly felt the horror of Emperor Mo Divine Consciousness.

Not Divine Sovereign, not a god, but second only to Divine Emperor.

"Come out, Gu has found you." Emperor Mo's indifferent voice rang in this side world.

Yun Qingyan certainly knew that Emperor Mo didn't find himself, but he still faded out of stealth.

"Emperor Mo!" Yun Qingyan slowly revealed his silhouette.

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