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Crape Myrtle Chapter 02820 is over!

The black sickle looks unpretentious, just like the sickle used by the secular Mortal World farmers to cut rice.

But this unpretentious black sickle gave the Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor a feeling of suffocation.

As if he was facing, a peerless killer born in chaos.

"You, what do you want to do..."

The Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor was terrified, because after the black sickle appeared, he directly pointed the sharp end toward him.

At this moment, his breath was locked in his body, and he felt like he was trapped in the mud of Death.

"I...I am the Divine Emperor, you...you come from the future, if you kill me, you...you will definitely be contaminated with cause and effect, you...you must calm down."

Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor was terrified, because he could feel that this black sickle could really threaten him.

In addition to fear, he still has horror and shock in his heart, because he is the existence of the'wuwu' realm.

In theory, he can't kill.

At least today's God World can kill the existence of'wuwu' realm, or matter...only the Kuroshio!

Exterminate the Kuroshio!

The black tide of extinction can swallow everything.

"It's not loneliness that kills you." Yun Qingyan from the future, looking at Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor with indifference.

"And as a punishment, you will not fall right away, you will be consumed by fear little by little."

The future Yun Qingyan tone barely fell, the black sickle suddenly faces Crape The direction where Myrtle Divine Emperor is located is lightly stroked.

Suddenly, the vigor that resembles the shape of a crescent moon instantly turned into Xu Kong and swept towards the Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor.

A face, this crescent-shaped vigor, passed through the body of Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor.

But the imaginary scene did not happen.

Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor was not divided in half by this qi energy, and even the slightest scars on his body were not visible.

Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor subconsciously, with his right hand alive, he touched the part that was pierced by Qi Jin.

"No injury..." Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor himself was surprised.

"The breath of energy just now clearly made me smell the breath of Death, why there is no wound..."

Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor said in disbelief.

"How is it possible, my Dao Foundation..." Suddenly, Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor's color changed.

Because of his Dao Foundation, cracks appeared.

Almost at the same time, the starry sky of God World, the original Ziwei Star, dimmed for an instant.

Only after an instant, rays of light resumed.

This momentary change directly shocked all supreme powerhouses in God World.

Especially other Divine Emperors, their eyes are even more incredible.

It is different from the one more than three thousand years ago.

This time, it was the Dao Foundation of the Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor that had a crack.

Recovering the Ziwei Star of rays of light, the brightness is not as dazzling as the moment before.

Moreover, it is gradually getting darker.

It's just that the speed of turning dark is very slow, and the creatures slower than Divine Emperor can't notice it.

"What happened, why did the Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor Dao Foundation crack?"

"We are all'nothingness', our Dao Foundation is the hardest substance in the world , Even we ourselves cannot make the Dao Foundation crack."

At this time, all the Divine Emperors of God World immediately came to the dojo of Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor.

They forcibly broke into the dojo of Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor.

On the way, unimpeded, they arrived smoothly, the bedroom of the Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor.

A huge palace suspended above Nine Heavens.

They can come here unimpeded all the way, which means...Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor is not in Profound Purple Palace.

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