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Chapter 02823 has the black sickle to win the world!

At that time in Dongfang Yuzhou, Win also saw the future Yun Qingyan, and also saw the weapons used by the future Yun Qingyan.

Win in the knowledge that the black sickle is the future Yun Qingyan’s Life Source Magic Weapon...

Before Yun Qingyan of this era, he became the owner of the black sickle...

What is the purpose of winning this?

"Can you take me to meet to win?" Yun Qingyan faintly muttered to oneself said.

"Sorry, I am not qualified to meet the first emperor directly." The old man shook the head.

The first emperor?

Yun Qingyan raised his eyebrows slightly, won the Foreign Domain and reclaimed the emperor?

The First Emperor was also one of the titles he won.

The reason why he has the title of'Shi Huang' is because he was once the master of the Han Dynasty.

The old man seemed to see Yun Qingyan’s doubts. He couldn’t help but say: “The black sickle is the most Supreme Demonic Artifact in the Foreign Domain Demon’s Land. Since ancient times, the Foreign Domain Demon’s Land has always had a rule. Those who get the black sickle will win the world!"

"The first emperor was recognized by the black sickle, and he naturally became the master of the foreign domain."

Yun Qingyan could not help being shocked, extremely strong. Shocked, win is now the lord of Foreign Domain’s magic land?

Foreign Domain Lord of the Demon Land, this real value... is much higher than the Divine Emperor!

Foreign Domain, this continent is more expansive than God World, and luck is more than several multiples of God World!

"Just get the approval of the black sickle, you can become the lord of the foreign domain magic land..." Yun Qingyan took a deep breath and asked: "If you win now, can you mobilize the power of the foreign domain magic land? "

"Theoretically, this is the case." The old man said.

This is already very straightforward. Winning is only a nominal master, who wants to drive the forces of Foreign Domain magic land to use...

You also need to control the strength of these forces.

Obviously, it is impossible to win now. With a full deal, it will take only three thousand or several hundred years to win God World.

"Is there a way to let Ying know that I have come to the foreign domain magic land?" Yun Qingyan asked again.

"This is not a big problem." The old man faintly muttered to oneself said.

The old man is the receiver, who is responsible for receiving outsiders to the magic land of Foreign Domain.

So every person who first came to the foreign domain magic land, he can see it through Yingxin Lake.

Through Yingxin Lake, the old man already knows that Yun Qingyan has a lot to do with winning.

Within his ability, he is of course willing to sell favor to Yun Qingyan.

"But in terms of time, Old Man can't guarantee it. After all, the First Emperor is not directly accessible to me." The old man added.

He wants to pass the message through others, since it is through others, naturally there is no guarantee of time.

"I can wait." Yun Qingyan said.

"Then follow Old Man into the Foreign Domain magic land." The old man said, suddenly with a big hand wave, he directly took Yun Qingyan and disappeared on the sea level.

Next moment, Yun Qingyan appeared on a teleportation array.

The teleportation array is full of complicated and incomprehensible symbols. Even Yun Qingyan, who has a deep research on Formation Law...

cannot understand these symbols.

"You first live in the Old Man residence. Once there is news, Old Man will immediately notify you." When the old man spoke, he already took Yun Qingyan and flew away from the altar.

After Yun Qingyan nodded responded, he closed his eyes and felt the aura of the magic land of Foreign Domain.

Foreign Domain's energy fluctuations are very strong, but it is not Power of God, but energy transformed from negative emotions.

"I heard that the creatures of Foreign Domain are all Undying and Inextinguishable Eternal Existence?" Yun Qingyan asked after feeling this piece of Heaven and Earth.

"You can experience this problem yourself." The old man said, suddenly grabbing the jungle below.

Suddenly, a demonic beast that gave birth to spiritual wisdom was taken by him.

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