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Chapter 02826 I have been to the future!

At this time, it is late at night, and there is also a moon in the Foreign Domain magic land, which is as bright as the bright moon outside.

As the voice of'We Your Majesty are pleased' sounded, a black wind appeared in Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness.

Inside Black Wind, there are one after another particles. Under the witness of Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness, these particles have become creatures.

There are eighteen people, and everyone's breath is deep and unmeasurable, giving Yun Qingyan an unmatched feeling.

'Hey! '

The windows of the wing toward the southeast opened automatically, and Yun Qingyan's silhouette flew out of the wing.

"Son Yun, please come on!"

The creatures turned into particles, all said in a good manner.

In the black wind, I don't know when, there is an extra Emperor's Carriage, and there are black curtains hanging outside the Emperor's Carriage.

"Sure enough, it's him..." Yun Qingyan murmured in his heart.

Then, the silhouette flew into the Emperor's Carriage.

huhuhu ……

The black wind rolled, took the Emperor's Carriage, and disappeared between Heaven and Earth.

The speed of the black wind is very fast, exceeding the normal wind speed by thousands of times. In just half an hour, the Emperor's Carriage carrying Yun Qingyan fell on a high platform of a palace.

Yun Qingyan, who walked out of the Emperor's Carriage and opened the curtain with one hand, saw the banner with the word'Qin' at first sight.

"I know you will come, but didn't expect it will be so soon." In a calm, a bit of excitement was suppressed, and it sounded in Yun Qingyan's ear.

Although this voice has not been heard for more than three thousand years, Yun Qingyan still feels familiar.

This is the sound of winning.

"Go away!" Win waved his hand, whether it was the Emperor's Carriage that Yun Qingyan was riding in or the eighteen people who greeted Yun Qingyan, all turned into particles and disappeared.

At this time, I am wearing a black robe and standing on the steps paved with obsidian.

Gazed at Yun Qingyan who was also looking at him.

The winning head still wears a black crown, and there are nine black bead curtains hanging down. Faintly, there is also an invisible body protection gas shield rippling out of the crown, wrapping the whole person in win.

The robe that Ying wears does not have any patterns printed on it, but it has a compelling emperor's air that overflows from him.

Even if no one says his identity, he feels like an emperor, a Ten Thousand Ancient emperor.

"I came to God World, three thousand two hundred years, and I have come to the Foreign Domain magic land for more than two thousand years." Ying Ying said each minding their own business.

"You shouldn't come now. In the established history, you will not set foot on the foreign domain magic land until nine thousand eight hundred years later." Ying said again sighed.

"The established history?"

Yun Qingyan's eyebrows condensed unconsciously, and will say this sentence, indicating that winning is for the future...

There is already Enough understanding.

"However, although you came early, you didn't come too early, otherwise..." Suddenly, the win was sighed again.

"Otherwise, what?" Yun Qingyan clearly understood the reason for winning a sigh, but he still asked knowingly.

"Otherwise, I will kill you." Ying said, "But killing you now...it's no use."

"You in the future, you are detached from the past, the future, and detached. Yu Causal Lun Hui. Even if you die now, you will still be in the future."

"You have also come into contact with people from the future." Yun Qingyan said in a tranquil voice.

Winning to say these words is naturally someone who has been in contact with the future.

"Not only did I get in touch with..." Win sighed again, and there were complex emotions suddenly appeared in his eyes, there was shock, has several points of fear, but also has several points of excitement, "I have been there. The future..."

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