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Chapter 02827 Desperate future!

Yun Qingyan has thought about many possibilities and made many speculations.

For example, after winning God World, the original future has also changed.

With the means of winning, innate talent, and ability, he will surely grow into one of the ultimate giants in God World.

Yun Qingyan’s future can span the long river of time and return to the past. Why cannot the future win?

So Yun Qingyan guessed that winning should be because he saw his own future, and learned a lot from his future...the secrets of the future.

So, I won the Foreign Domain magic land.

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, to win the situation just arrived at God World... It is impossible to understand the magic land of Foreign Domain, and it is even more impossible to reach the magic land of Foreign Domain from God World.

After all, even Yun Qingyan came to the foreign domain with the help of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

On the way, it can be said that it is exhausting suffering untold hardships.

But what made Yun Qingyan dream of didn't expect is that winning not only touches people in the future...

I have also been to the future! !

Yun Qingyan never thought about this result.

In Yun Qingyan's cognition, this is more fantasy story than fantasy story.

"What is the future?" Yun Qingyan was silent for a long time before asking.

Although, what he asked was very brief.

But he knows that he must know exactly what he wants to ask if he wins.

"All Regions Under the Heaven disappeared, God World disappeared, everything is on the way of disappearing." Ying said, even if it was him...at this moment, the color of fear flashed in his eyes.

The scenes he will see in the future will have too much impact on him.

He stared at Yun Qingyan and took a deep breath, "Can you imagine, the huge God World, the God World which is bigger than countless large and small universes combined... It was annihilated in a flash? Now."

At that moment, it was beyond the imagination of winning, and beyond the understanding of power.

It's like someone squeezed an ant.

And God World is the ant that was crushed.

But that was God World. Before seeing that scene, who would dare to compare God World to an ant?

This is like a worldly mortal who dare not compare the sun to a projectile.

The sun is the most vast and terrifying celestial body that mortals can imagine.

"Foreign Domain magic land is the last place to shelter, the last place for people struggling on whilst at death's door."

"But even the foreign domain magic land cannot support it. How long has it been, because all universes, all dimensions, all worlds... have been destroyed."

"If the living beings die, there will be no more negative emotions in this world, there will be no negative emotions, Foreign The Domain Demon Land will naturally cease to exist."

Even if it is a win, he said with a trembling tone.

At this moment, Yun Qingyan, like a walking corpse without a soul, stands sluggishly...not moving.

Winning what I said, the impact on him was too great, so big...he couldn't digest it at all for a while.

God World was instantly annihilated?

All universes, all dimensions, all worlds are Ruin?

This...what kind of terrible and desperate future is this?

"If I knew..." Ying looked at Yun Qingyan directly and took a deep breath, "As early as Heavenly Star Continent, I would kill you at all costs."

Winning these words makes Yun Qingyan's complexion instantly Cang Bai.

Yun Qingyan trembled, and asked: "The person who caused...the one who caused the...is...Is the future me?"

Win nodded, and then face Xu Kong with a big hand Flick, an image is presented in Xu Kong.

On Xu Kong, Yun Qingyan wiped the neck of his cousin Yun Xuan with a black sickle.

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