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Chapter 02831 is a gift from a great man!

Yun Qingyan has been wandering in the Boundary Sea for a long, long time, for hundreds of years.

A hundred years have passed when he drew ashore and returned to the shore where he came.

In the past hundred years, Yun Qingyan has been imprisoned on a flat boat, unable to move.

At first, Yun Qingyan's mind is full of advice from a mysterious woman from the future to him.

He is invincible in the future.

What he has to do in this era is to grow, grow wildly...

So that one day, he can face the future.

Mysterious woman has spoken very straightforwardly. , There is no change in the future.

That future cannot be changed.

What Yun Qingyan can do is to defeat the future self head-on.

And the 1st Step planned by the mysterious woman for Yun Qingyan is...getting the black sickle!

Yun Qingyan doesn't know if this is right, but it is certain that the mysterious woman will not harm him.

At the same time, mysterious woman has a better understanding of the future than him.

So from a certain angle, mysterious woman... is the guide of Yun Qingyan of this era.

But 1st Step, Yun Qingyan was wasted.

Win the early bird catches the worm and get the black sickle before Yun Qingyan.

"I have been wandering in the sea for a hundred years."

"In the past hundred years, I have almost stayed in place, and winning... is a step further."

"Now I want to get a black sickle, it is even more difficult as heavenly ascension." Yun Qingyan muttered in a low voice.

Although he did not want to admit defeat, in this matter...he Yun Qingyan lost.

Of course, after a hundred years of drifting, Yun Qingyan has calmed down.

What he will do next is to grow up!

Without the black sickle, he will find a way to get the white sickle and green sickle.

"I just don’t know. After the black sickle falls into the hands of the winner, the future I...can have it."

This is the question Yun Qingyan has been thinking about over the past century. one.

However, Yun Qingyan knew that he couldn't think of an answer to this question.

"The top priority is to return to God World." Yun Qingyan was whispered in his heart.

He wants to grow, the fastest growth is inseparable from Li Family...and the help of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

At this juncture, he will not be polite to the Emperor Divine Emperor, let alone pursue self-esteem excessively.

When it is time to send someone under the fence, it should be sent under the fence.

When the flat boat landed, Yun Qingyan regained his ability to act.

He didn't wander around Boundary Sea anymore, a single thought, he flew away from the flat boat and appeared on the shore.


Yun Qingyan's eyebrows suddenly shuddered, just as he stepped on the shore with his feet.

A light and shadow that made people comfortable like a spring breeze enveloped Yun Qingyan.

This light and shadow are like having passed the blessings of the Heavenly God Buddhas, and all the negative emotions in Yun Qingyan's heart are instantly evaporated.

His soul, lost the incomplete soul of the three souls... Also in this brief moment, naked eye appeared and healed at a visible speed.

As the healing of the soul is getting higher and higher, Yun Qingyan's eyes suddenly become red.

There is constant sparkle, rolling down from his eyes.

At this moment, Yun Qingyan thought of Li Ranzhu, and his mind was full of images of Li Ranzhu Death.

His heart is stinging like never before.

Yun Qingyan's pain is back.

This pain does not refer to the pain on the limbs, but the pain with Soul Perception.

Distance from Yun Qingyan, I don’t know how many millions and millions li is apart from Dao Idol on the Sea Territory.

An old man wearing a quilt and a hat is looking at Yun Qingyan.

"Compared with the black sickle, you need to become a normal person."

When the old man speaks in a low voice, he looks like a white clothed handsome handsome. man.

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