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Chapter 02832 black Yun Qingyan!

After the old man turned into a handsome white clothed man, a brief thought appeared on his face.

At that moment, he seemed to hesitate.

"That's all that's all, I will accompanies Buddha all the way to the west. After all, I owe you."

white clothed handsome man Talk to himself.

If you win, you will reach the magic land of Foreign Domain, you will get a black sickle, and you can even go to the future... all because of his handwriting.

The value of the black sickle is self-evident.

The white clothed handsome man makes the winner get the black sickle one step ahead...

Obviously, it is Yun Qingyan.

Single-gang Yun Qingyan recovers the lost three souls, which is not as valuable as the black sickle.

The white clothed handsome man pinched his fingers slightly, chanting incomprehensible and complicated incantion in his mouth.

A very short moment.

White clothed handsome man The Heaven and Earth all around suddenly became illusory.

Behind him is the Foreign Domain magic land, in front of him is the Sea Territory, and he is standing on the flat boat.

As Heaven and Earth became more and more illusory, the foreign domain magic land disappeared, the Sea Territory in front of him disappeared, and the flat boat under his feet also disappeared.

I don't know when, he is already in the stars.

Behind you are dazzling stars, all around are dazzling stars.

He is suspended in the stars.

Suddenly, above the starry sky, there are countless ropes, densely packed ropes, like spider webs that are entangled with each other.

His eyes scanned the ropes as if looking for something.

"It's hidden really deep." The handsome white clothed man whispered.

The corners of his mouth are smiling.

I can't tell whether this faint smile is a sneer or a happy smile.

Then he stretched out his hand and grabbed it, in the depths of countless ropes, but not the deepest, a rope that is undoubtedly the same color as the other ropes...

He caught it in his hand. .

"Even cause and effect can be deceived, but a detached one." said the handsome white clothed man.

"It's a pity to go astray, otherwise you will definitely be able to aspire to the real road."

The rope in the hand of the white clothed handsome man suddenly changed color and turned into a black liquid composition. Rope.

If there is a Divine Emperor here, you will definitely be able to recognize it at a glance, the black liquid that has turned into a rope...

It is the fascinating black tide of extinction!

"Every era has its own trajectory, so I can't directly intervene."

"But cutting off some cause and effect, I can still do it."


As he said, the black rope in his hand suddenly cracked...

Then'ka beng' broke.

After breaking into two pieces, the black liquid disperses, like a swarm of bees rushing to the white clothed handsome man.

As if to swallow him up.

However, these black liquids have not yet touched the white clothed handsome man......

They were evaporated by smoke and dissipated in the starry sky.


Almost at the same time, the starry sky behind the white clothed handsome man suddenly twisted.

A black silhouette flew out of it.

He was holding a black sickle in his hand, and the moment he saw the white clothed handsome man, there was a naked murderous intention in his eyes.

"Cut off the cause and effect between me and the past, you are also a detached one, right?"

"It seems that you are the one who has been hiding in the dark and making troubles over the years."

black silhouette is not someone else, it is Yun Qingyan from the future.

"Black sickle, in these years, I have taken you to drink the blood of billions of millions and millions of creatures, but I have not fed you the blood of transcendence."

"Today, I'll let you have a taste."

Yun Qingyan said, the black sickle in his hand swung a knife at the white clothed handsome man.

Black's sharpness swept towards the opponent in an instant.

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