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Chapter 02833 I trained a lot of people

Seeing black's sharpness, the white clothed handsome man is getting closer...

The white clothed man silhouette suddenly disappeared.

next moment, he appeared in front of black Yun Qingyan.

The distance between the two is less than half a meter.

"Here, it's not the future." The white clothed man spoke lightly, looking at Yun Qingyan with a playful look.

"Here, it is difficult for you to play the one ten thousandth of the cultivation base in the heyday."

"What do you take with me?"

black Yun Qingyan But the indifferent face could not help flashing a shock of shock.

What the white clothed man said is naturally true.

He came across time and space, and naturally he couldn't play the least of his cultivation base during his heyday.

But in his imagination, the other party should be the same as him, coming across time and space...

So theoretically, the state of the white clothed man should be the same as him.

"You, are you the detached person of this era?" Black Yun Qingyan said in disbelief.

black Yun Qingyan has all the memories of Yun Qingyan in the past, in the past, he has never heard of the existence of detached persons.

And in his opinion, if there is a detached person before him...

The opponent impossible will allow another detached person to appear.

The facts right now are positive. The other party is a detached person, and it is also a detached person of this era.

Otherwise, one's own full strength attack will be impossible to even touch the corners of the opponent's clothes.

Next, he seemed to think of something.

Two eyes stared at the white clothed handsome man, he opened his mouth and said: "You are Sword God Feng Wu Ji Guang——"

white clothed handsome man man did not answer his question directly.

white clothed man slowly said: "Countless times ago, I created Dongfang Yu Zhou, and I did not hesitate to steal the luck of God World and forcibly implant it into Dongfang Yu Zhou's luck."


"For Dongfang Yuzhou to breed a true emperor's proud son."

"I have cultivated a lot of people, such as Emperor Wa, Ming He, Banished Immortal, Water God, Dao Ancestor... …And win!"

"Every one of them is Talent, and I am proud of each one. Especially winning—"

"I once thought that I would win It's my ideal Inheritor and my companion."

"Unfortunately, I didn't complete my test in the end. He was far from unified Dongfang Yu Zhou."

"I thought I was destined to be alone, and I couldn't even win my test. I really can't think of anyone else who can do it."

"Wa Huang, Dao Ancestor, Water God... …These people are very good, but they are inferior to winning. It is not the inferiority of innate talent, not the inferiority of intelligence, nor the inferiority of luck, but the inferiority in all aspects."

"I was winning and I saw myself in the past, so I think winning will be my Inheritor and my future companion. Unfortunately, winning or failing, I still failed to complete my test of him."

Speaking of which, the white clothed handsome man glanced at Yun Qingyan.

Then said: "What I didn't expect is that one of my unintentional actions actually made Dongfang Yu Zhou the first Heavenly Emperor."

white clothed handsome handsome man thoughts move, an image appeared in the starry sky.


A young man with a handsome face but a childish face, standing on the edge of the cliff with a sad face.

Below the cliff is a bottomless abyss, and countless bitter winds swept up from under the cliff.

"Just because Yun Qingyan was born less than the other person, you chose him? I chose the Imperial City Aristocratic Family that you have never seen before?"

"Xie Xiaoyan , I, Yun Qingyan, will not retaliate against you, but one day I will make you regret this choice!"

This childish boy is Yun Qingyan who was only fifteen years old.

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