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Chapter 02834 From a certain point of view, I created you!

At this time, there is sadness and unwillingness on his face, but there is no resentment.

What the fifteen-year-old Yun Qingyan didn't know was that his actions at this time fell into the eyes of a handsome white clothed man.

The handsome white clothed man stands in the air on the cliff.

It's just that Yun Qingyan can't see the other party that's all.

"I will not retaliate against each other, but want to make the other person regret not choosing himself."

"This experience is really missed."

white The clothed handsome man looked at Yun Qingyan with a childish expression and said to himself.

As if he used to have an experience similar to Yun Qingyan.

"If this is the case, then I will give you this opportunity."

"Your roots, in today's Heavenly Star Continent, are at best the Xiantian Life Spirit. Since then. If you want to make the other person regret it, she must regret it completely!"

The white clothed handsome man said, and a wind like a tornado swept up from below the suspension.

Yun Qingyan, who was only fifteen years old, was swept away by the wind without the ability to react.

"I have always liked accompanies Buddha all the way to the west. Since it is a chance for you, I naturally want to give you a complete chance."

"After you go to Immortal World , I will slow down the Time Flow Speed ​​of Heavenly Star Continent Continent by a thousand times."

"It depends on whether you are competitive enough, and whether you can return when Xie Xiaoyan is still in Fanghua. ”

After the white clothed handsome man finished speaking, he was in a single thought...

He slowed down the Time Flow Speed ​​of Heavenly Star Continent by a thousand times.

The sun of Heavenly Star Continent is still rising as usual, and the creatures of Heavenly Star Continent are still doing their own things repeatedly.

The starry sky of Heavenly Star Continent is also the original starry sky.

What no one knows is that from this moment to before Yun Qingyan, who became Emperor Yun, returns...

Heavenly Star Continent’s Time Flow Speed ​​will be slower than the outside world. Thousand times.



Yun Qingyan is stupid, Yun Qingyan wearing a black clothed suit is stupid.

He didn’t expect that countless years ago, when he was only fifteen years old, he fell from Mortal World to Immortal World......

And Heavenly Star Continent Time Flow Speed ​​is a thousand times slower than the outside world, all because of a whim of Feng Wu Ji Guang's decision.

"You just asked me if I was Sword God Feng Wu Ji Guang." The white clothed handsome man re-looked towards Yun Qingyan, "Do you have an answer in your heart now?"


black clothed Yun Qingyan nodded, and then he ridiculed himself rarely, and said: "Until now, I thought Feng Wu Ji Guang had fallen a long time ago. It is annihilation in history. In the dust."

"I even suspected that I was Feng Wu Ji Guang's Reincarnation Body."

"It seems that I am wrong now."

The white clothed Feng Wu Ji Guang didn't have any surprises on his face. It seemed that Yun Qingyan would have been so skeptical.

He said indifferently: "I suspect that he is my Reincarnation Body, you are not the first one."

"Well, while I still have several points of patience, get out Go back to your future."

"You can't kill me." The black clothed Yun Qingyan said calmly.

As a detached person, he can't even commit suicide, even more how is to be killed.

And as long as he wants, a single thought can return to the future.

"Even if I can't kill you, trying to trap you in this age is easy."

White clothed Feng Wu Ji Guang tone barely fell, he and black clothed Yun barely fell. The starry sky where Qingyan was...

Suddenly it became a grid space, a space composed of countless grids.

He and Yun Qingyan are standing on different grids.

black clothed Yun Qingyan At this time, the complexion has been greatly changed.

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