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Chapter 02835 Her identity!

Each grid is a space-time, an independent space-time, completely cut off from the outside world.

The black clothed Yun Qingyan directly lost contact with the future after putting himself in the grid.

In other words, he was really trapped in the grid.

He immediately attacked the grid, and the grid was also immediately Ruin, but before he could slow down, the new grid enveloped him again.

Repeat this way, he destroyed hundreds of millions of grids in a very short time...

But in the end, a new grid trapped him.

"Even if the detached person cannot be killed, it is easy for me to trap you here."

The white clothed Feng Wu Ji Guang is still watching Yun Qingyan of Ruin Grid said.

"You better not let me meet you in the future!" black clothed Yun Qingyan said with a calm face.

He said this, it shows that he is submissive and willing to go back to the future.

After he said this, the white clothed Feng Wu Ji Guang also removed the grid covering him.

"My patience with you is exhausted, don't rush back to this era next time."

White clothed Feng Wu Ji Guang said.

Next time, he will not show mercy again.

The black clothed Yun Qingyan no longer speaks, but a Tearing Space, embarking on a path back to the future.

What he didn't notice was that Feng Wu Ji Guang never said that he could not kill the detached.

"It's a pity such a good seedling."

After the black clothed Yun Qingyan disappeared, Feng Wu Ji Guang lightly sighed, "I am qualified to be my Inheritor, but I cannot be my Inheritor. Companion."

No one knows how much Feng Wu Ji Guang longs for a companion.

A companion who can fight alongside him and come from the same place.



After losing and regaining the lost three souls, Yun Qingyan fell into a short sleep.

Compared with the three hundred years he spent traveling back and forth to the magic land of Foreign Domain, this short drowsiness was only less than two years.

During the two years of lethargy, Yun Qingyan kept replaying his experience when he first arrived at Li Family in his mind.

After witnessing Li Ranzhu dying in the hands of his own future, he was at that time...

Choose a palm to top of the head!

Then, a mysterious woman from the future appeared... and reversed time and space to save herself.

This mysterious woman in the future was the one who caused him to fall into a coma when he first arrived at God World...

The mysterious woman who kept planting in his mind the'cannot forget, death can not be forgotten' person.

Next, the mysterious woman mentioned some future, and also mentioned the black sickle, and asked him to go to the foreign domain magic land to find the black sickle.

Next, Yun Qingyan has speculation about the identity of the mysterious woman.

But the mysterious woman suddenly interrupted his guess.

Also urged, don’t associate her identity, because Yun Qingyan in this era knows her identity...

It also indicates that Yun Qingyan in the future knows him. identity of.

At that time, Yun Qingyan cut off any guesses about his identity.

During the two years of sleeplessness, Yun Qingyan couldn't control her identity.

After she appeared, she didn't hurt Li Family a bit, even before she left...

She looked towards the depths of Li Family with nostalgic eyes.

Where is the Buddha, there are people she misses.

A bold idea appeared in Yun Qingyan's mind...

However, he suppressed this idea forcibly while he was sleeping.

He is really afraid that his future self will learn the identity of the mysterious woman through the self of this era...

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