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Chapter 02837 Is she Lun Hui reincarnated?

Yun Qingyan's experience after entering Boundary Sea is all present in the memory crystal.

When he saw the appearance of Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor, the Emperor Divine Emperor's eyes condensed suddenly.

He couldn't help but moved his gaze from the soul crystal to Yun Qingyan.

When encountering Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor, Yun Qingyan is bound to die. He is very curious how Yun Qingyan escaped this disaster.

Soon, the Emperor Divine Emperor was confused, and deep hatred appeared in his eyes.

A black sickle appeared in the sky above the sea, and immediately after...

Yun Qingyan appeared in a black clothed suit.

"That is the black tide of extinction!" The Emperor Divine Emperor suddenly stared wide-eyed.

I saw the black clothed Yun Qingyan gently wave the black sickle, and a ray of energy fell into the body of the Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor.

"Crape Myrtle Dao Foundation has a crack, it is your future..." Divine Emperor's eyes flashed incredible.

Three hundred years ago, Ziwei Star changed and once again caused a sensation in the entire God World.

At that time, including the Emperor Divine Emperor, several gods Imperial Capital went to the dojo of Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor.

Because of the change of Ziwei Star, the Dao Foundation of the Emperor Divine Emperor had a crack...

This is a terrifying thing.

Even the Divine Emperor felt terrified, because even the Divine Emperor himself...

Can't crack his Dao Foundation.

The Yun Qingyan in the future, with a flurry of vigor that is very casual, caused a crack in the Dao Foundation of the Emperor Divine Emperor!

"What is the situation of Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor?" Yun Qingyan curiously asked.

"Disappeared." Divine Emperor replied, "No accident is to hide and recuperate, but judging from Ziwei Star's fading, he should be falling soon."

Yun Qingyan hearing this, the look of shock flashed through my heart.

He had witnessed it with his own eyes, and the Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor was injured by the qi swaying from the black sickle.

But the black clothed Yun Qingyan shot was useless, it was a random blow.

It was this random blow that caused Crape Myrtle Divine Emperor... to face the fall.

The screen of the soul crystal continues to play.

The Emperor Divine Emperor saw the old man riding a flat boat, and he didn't pay much attention to this old man.

"Is he winning?"

When he saw the win, Divine Emperor couldn't help but glanced a few more times, "Sure enough, he is the proud son of the emperor."

Yun Qingyan's conflicts and disputes with winning have all fallen into the eyes of the Emperor Divine Emperor.

The Emperor Divine Emperor has no comment on this.

He didn't think that Yun Qingyan was wrong, nor did he think that he was winning.


On the return journey, Divine Emperor looked at the old man in the soul crystal.

This time, he suddenly discovered the old man's unusualness.

But he couldn't tell what was unusual.

"Anyway, this time Foreign Domain trip to the magic land, you have a great harvest."

After the Emperor Divine Emperor couldn't think of the result, she shrugged. .

At the moment, he took Yun Qingyan back to God World.

On the way back to God World, Yun Qingyan kept talking and stopped, seeming to want to ask something...

But he could bear it again.

However, after Emperor Divine Emperor brought Yun Qingyan back to Li Family again, Yun Qingyan finally couldn’t help but ask: "Senior, I want to ask you something."

" Said." Divine Emperor said.

"The present me has cut off the cause and effect and connection with the future. In other words, the future me can no longer share my memories."

Yun Qingyan did not immediately ask , But first talked about his own situation.

Divine Emperor this time just looked at Yun Qingyan and didn't speak any more.

Because he knows, Yun Qingyan said this...to prepare for the next question.

"Ranzhu...has Lun Hui reincarnated." Yun Qingyan asked a deep breath.

His eyes are tense, anxious, and hopeful... staring straight at the Emperor Divine Emperor.

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