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She is God World Number One Person in Chapter 02839?

Han Ying!

The lonely shadow of the cold river!

This name gives people a feeling of loneliness and isolation.

After Lun Hui's reincarnation, Li Ranzhu is called by this name. Does it reveal that she doesn't want to be involved in the previous life anymore?

In other words, do you no longer want to be involved or involved with Yun Qingyan?

After all, the reason why she was reincarnated by Lun Hui was because Yun Qingyan killed her.

Although, the future Yun Qingyan killed her.

"Her this life is called Li Hanying, and has been received as a dísciple by Tian Jue empress. Her previous life memory has been sealed, even I can't unlock this seal."

The Divine Emperor ended because he didn't figure out a problem.

Is the name Li Hanying picked up by Li Ranzhu himself or Tianjue empress?

Her previous life memory, it was Li Ranzhu who asked for the seal, or Tianjue empress asked for the seal without authorization.

If it is the former, it means that Li Ranzhu...really wants to say goodbye to the past, farewell to everything in the past.

It is worth mentioning that Yun Qingyan has heard of the name Tianjue empress.

And before he came to God World, Li Ranzhu told him.

Tianjue empress is not the Divine Emperor, but in terms of pure qualifications, she is older than several gods, Imperial Capital.

For example, the Emperor Divine Emperor, in terms of pure age, he is younger than Tianju empress by tens of thousands of years.

Tianjue's empress method also caused Lianshen Imperial Capital to be unwilling to provoke her.

In God World, there is a secret that people in the top circle of the pyramid know.

Tianjue empress is not the Divine Emperor. In theory, she is impossible in military force to contend with the Divine Emperor.

But the most glorious record of Tianjue empress was... almost killed a Divine Emperor.

This battle directly made Tianjue empress faintly... surpassing other Divine Emperors.

Divine Emperor is both'nothingness', Divine Emperor is Undying and Inextinguishable, the existence of Eternal Immortal.

Lian Shen Imperial Capital cannot kill the Divine Emperor.

But Tianjue empress only almost made it.

This is not enough to show that Tianjue empress is more terrifying than God's Imperial Capital?

Divine Emperor Judging from Yun Qingyan's expression, Yun Qingyan knew that Tianjue empress.

At the moment, the Emperor Divine Emperor said: "Do you know where the Tianjue empress comes from?"

Where did it come from?

This question makes Yun Qingyan a little more thoughtful, "She is not a creature of God World?"

Divine Emperor nodded, every one looks at Yun Qingyan, it seems Waiting for him to say the answer.

"Foreign Domain magic land?" Yun Qingyan said without complete assurance.

"Not bad!" Divine Emperor nodded again.

"In terms of pure cultivation base and realm, she is still far away from Divine Emperor. But Divine Emperor can't kill her!"

"And Tianjue empress also has A hole card is enough to burn both jade and stone with Divine Emperor."

When it comes to the hole card of Tianjue empress, the eyes of Emperor Divine Emperor flashed solemnly.

"Her trump card is the black tide of extinction?" Yun Qingyan speculated again.

"En..." Divine Emperor slightly nodded, "The only thing known in the world that can threaten the Divine Emperor is the Kuroshio."

"Tian Jue empress Is it God World Number One Person?" Yun Qingyan asked again.

Controlled the Kuroshio Current, and almost killed a Divine Emperor.

It's no wonder that Yun Qingyan would ask if Tianjue empress is God World Number One Person.

"Number One Person is hard to talk about, but it is indeed an existence that goes hand-in-hand with the Divine Emperor."

Divine Emperor slowly said: "Although she has the black tide of extinction, but She drives the Kuroshio Tide but needs to pay the corresponding price."

"The reason why she only nearly killed Perseverance in the battle that year was because once she used the Kuroshio Tide to kill Persistence will be backlashed by oneself."

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