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Chapter 02840 her thoughts!

Yun Qingyan has heard the name of Hengbudong. He is also a Divine Emperor, but it is one of the most mysterious Divine Emperors.

He did not form his own power, and no one knew the specific location of his dojo.

Now it seems that the reason why Hengfudong is mysterious is that he was seriously injured in the battle with Tianjue empress and he went into hiding to recover from his injuries.

"Okay, get back to business, I have something you need to do now." Divine Emperor said resolutely.

"Want me to bring Ranzhu back?" Yun Qingyan couldn't help guessing.

"Yes!" Divine Emperor nodded, "Once I show up, Tianjue will definitely stop it."

Divine Emperor is not afraid of Tianjue's empress!

His purpose is to bring Li Ranzhu back. If he appears, he will only face a situation.

That is that he and Tianjue empress both sides suffer.

So he won't end up personally until he is a last resort.

"Before this, there is one more question. When the time comes, please take a look." The Emperor Divine Emperor said again.

Not waiting for Yun Qingyan to ask, the Emperor Divine Emperor went on to say: "The name Li Hanying was taken by Little Zhu himself, or it was named after Tianjue empress."

If The name Li Hanying was taken by Little Zhu himself, so Divine Emperor's idea of ​​picking up her...

will be weakened.

At the same time, this also shows that Little Zhu’s past life memory should be sealed by her own secret technique, or she asked Tianjue empress to seal it for her.

And if Li Hanying’s name is not Li Ranzhu’s own will...

And even her memory is forced to seal by Tianjue’s empress, then this thing will be difficult to do. .

"After I get the answer, I immediately send the message to Senior!" Yun Qingyan said with a serious face.

At this time, Yun Qingyan's emotions are quite complicated, but he hopes...

Li Ranzhu's name is changed to Li Hanying, both of which seal memory...Tianjue empress is good at advocating. Oneself!

"Tianjue empress is pretentious and claims that the Tianjue Holy Land he founded is God World's first righteous Holy Land!"

"For those who worship the heavenly Holy Land, Not only does innate talent and temperament have extremely high requirements, but also requires passing the test of the Heaven Prying mirror."

"So before that, I will personally take action to reshape a false memory for you."

The Emperor Divine Emperor opened his mouth and said, long before today, he had thought of a way for Yun Qingyan to approach Li Hanying.

"Heaven Prying mirror?" Yun Qingyan doesn't know all about God World's Magic Weapon.

"It can reflect your life and automatically judge your good and evil. Once it determines that you are a wicked person, then Tianjue empress will kill you."

Too Divine Emperor indifferently said.

The wicked are easy to distinguish, and it can be determined that Yun Qingyan is not a wicked person.

But it is difficult to define whether Yun Qingyan is a good person.

So in order to make Yun Qingyan worship into the Holy Land without fail, the Emperor Divine Emperor wanted to reshape a false memory for Yun Qingyan.

"I don't think I need it." Yun Qingyan suddenly pondered then said.

Most of Yun Qingyan's perception of himself is that although he may not be a good person, he is definitely not a bad person.

But this is only in the case of overwhelming majority.

Because he is too lazy to remember whether he has done evil in his life.

But if you really calm down and think, Yun Qingyan has never done anything wrong in his life.

The good deeds done are countless.

"It seems that you didn't listen carefully to what I said just now." The Emperor Divine Emperor shook the head slightly.

"Tianjue Holy Land's first righteous way, Holy Land is not what people think of, but Tianjue empress's first righteous way, Holy Land."

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