Return of the Divine Emperor Chapter 2842

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02841 Chapter Tian Jue Divine Realm!

The Emperor Divine Emperor emphasized the three words'self-righteous'.

"Her view of good and evil is not what we ordinary people understand. To be specific, you will know when you reach the Holy Land."

The Emperor Divine Emperor said At that time, a space channel has been opened with a wave of hands.

At the other end of the space channel, there is a Small World all over the bamboo sea.

"There is a place in God World called'Northern Sea'. The Northern Sea was originally the site of Dragon Race. The Ancient Dragon of Chaos was born. You can get the Divine Emperor Avenue in just one step. I give you The fabricated memory and identity are all descendants of the Ancient Dragon of Chaos."

The Emperor Divine Emperor said, suddenly he took a drop of blood essence from nothingness.

Yun Qingyan felt the rich giant dragon breath on this drop of blood essence.

This breath also gave him a kind of soul suppression.

"This is the blood essence of the Chaos Ancient Dragon before death." Divine Emperor said, and then injected this drop of blood essence into Yun Qingyan's eyebrows.

Along with it, there is a memory that does not belong to Yun Qingyan.

His new name, "Feng Shen Yu", has been sealed in the dragon egg from the moment he remembered it.

He has been cultivation in the dragon egg, and he didn't break the egg until he became the "God Sovereign".

His memories come from inherited memories.

The Northern Sea has the Dragon Race, and the ancient dragon, the ancestor of the Dragon Race, is only one step away from achieving the Divine Emperor Avenue.

But just before the sermon, the Ancient Dragon of Chaos was stifled by all the Human Race Divine Emperor.

The Human Race of the Northern Sea also fell along with the Chaos Ancient Dragon... and was subsequently annihilated.

The instigator is Human Race.

So'Feng Shenyu' has always hated Human Race, and hated Human Race very much.

The justice in his heart is A Tooth For A Tooth, all Human Races of God World...

including Divine Emperor of God World.

"This is justice? Can this pass the test of the Heaven Prying Mirror?" After receiving the memory of'Wind God Feather', Yun Qingyan couldn't help but looked towards Divine Emperor.

Vengeance is definitely right!

As the Dragon Race of the Northern Sea, as a descendant of the Chaos Ancient Dragon, Feng Shenyu must be the group and take revenge for the Chaos Ancient Dragon.

But all Human Races in God World Tuguang are not just actions.

Because ninety-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine percent of Human Races... and more have not participated in the killing of Northern Sea Dragon Race.

"Tianjue empress's justice is different from the justice we understand."

"And hatred of Human Race is a huge bonus for you!"

"Even if you have an innate talent and average mind, your hatred for Human Race alone can make Tianjue empress take you in as a disciple." Divine Emperor said slowly.

"So, there is no Human Race in Tianjue Holy Land?" Yun Qingyan couldn't help asking again.

"Yes, but very few." Divine Emperor said.

"In order to prevent accidents, I will place a seal in your memory. When necessary, you can open this seal."

The Emperor Divine Emperor said, again A seal was planted in Yun Qingyan's mind.

The Divine Emperor is to prevent that, Tian Jue empress will personally check Yun Qingyan's memory.

Once this happens, Yun Qingyan can hide his normal memory in the seal.



The Divine Realm is a distance from the heavenly Holy Land and spans most of the God World.

If it is Yun Qingyan himself, without taking the teleportation array, flying from Divine Realm to Tianjue Holy Land will take at least a hundred years without sleep.

The Emperor Divine Emperor personally sent Yun Qingyan on the road, tearing out a space channel in one hand.

Next moment, the two have reached the outer circle area of ​​Divine Realm.

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