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Chapter02843 The horrible empress!

Together with all around Heaven and Earth is the three-armed ape Hou Yu.

In Divine Realm, anyone who mentions'Tianjue empress' will be immediately perceived by the empress.

However, under normal circumstances, Celestial Phenomenon is rarely triggered.

The creatures of Divine Realm in Divine Realm are absolutely hundreds of millions, and the numbers are innumerable. Tian Jue empress is the Sovereign here...

It is normal to be mentioned. .

If Tianjue empress will trigger Celestial Phenomenon every time she is raptured... then tiredness can kill her.

But Yun Qingyan this time is different!

Yun Qingyan did not simply mention her, but said that he would worship her as a teacher!

For the entire Tianjue Divine Realm, no one has dared to be boasted shamelessly yet, and will bluntly say that he will empress as a teacher.

Hou Yu, the three-armed ape, changed face on the spot, and his face was full of fear and anxiety.

Especially after discovering that all around the wind and clouds have changed, the expression on his face full of fear and anxiety, it is all of a sudden ashes like Cang Bai.

It's dead, it's dead this time, and there's no danger!

Who would have thought that a stunned senior who suddenly appeared would utter such rants!

Hou Yu, the three-armed ape, was ready to wait for death, but after a long, long time, he found that he was still thinking.

He couldn't help but came back to his senses from the state of closing his eyes and waiting to die. Only then did he discover that all around the Celestial Phenomenon had returned to normal.

"What's the matter? Why didn't empress Your Majesty take action?" Hou Yu, the three-armed ape, was shocked.

"is it possible that ......"

A terrifying idea breeds in the heart of the three-armed ape Hou Yu, "The person in front of you is really qualified to worship empress?"

What Hou Yu, the three-armed ape does not know, is that Yun Qingyan also has lingering fears.

At the moment Celestial Phenomenon appeared, he directly smelled the breath of Death, as if a peerless power strangled his life.

As the natural phenomenon disappeared, Yun Qingyan resumed his normal thinking, but at this time, a voice rang in his ear.

A voice full of majesty, like the bell of a avenue, "Interesting, the Chaos Ancient Dragon has left a direct descendant."

Yun Qingyan only knew at this time, it was too The blood essence of the ancient Dragon that the Emperor Divine Emperor injected into his body saved himself.

Otherwise, the sentence just now may cause Tianjue to empress and kill himself.

"Senior, Lin Dan City does have a teleportation array leading to Holy Land, Younger Generation can also start the teleportation array to send Senior to Heaven and Holy Land."

Three arms Ape Houyu first expressed his opinion, and then said: "Younger Generation has a small request, and I hope Senior can agree to it."

Seems to realize that there is a problem with his words, and the three-armed ape Hou Yu immediately added : "Whether Senior agrees to Younger Generation's request or not, Younger Generation is willing to serve Senior."

"What request?" Yun Qingyan said with a calm expression.

"Younger Generation wants to be a guide for Senior." After saying this, the three-armed ape Hou Yu kept his head down and said nothing.

Yun Qingyan's words caused Celestial Phenomenon mutation, which means that it has attracted the attention of Tianjue empress.

But Tian Jue empress didn't kill Yun Qingyan again, which means that...

Yun Qingyan is a craftable material even if he is not qualified to worship her.

The manufacturable material in the eyes of Tianjue empress is the thigh of Propping Up The Heavens Pillar-like to the three-armed ape Hou Yu.

If he can hold a thigh like Yun Qingyan, he, the City Master of Lin Dan City, can become more comfortable.

"It has several points of mind."

Yun Qingyan glanced at the three-armed ape Hou Yu, with no joy or anger on his face.

"Since you want to be a guide, let you be the guide."

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