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02845 Chapter Tianlitang

Tianjue Holy Land, like God World other Sect, lists specific levels of the dísciple in the clan.

The last one is handyman dísciple.

Upward is Outer Sect Disciple, inner sect disciple, True Disciple.

True Disciple has extremely high power in Tianjue Holy Land.

True Disciple is responsible for most of the authority of Holy Land.

"So if I want to see empress, I must become a True Disciple?" Yun Qingyan asked.

Hou Yu shook the head, "Although True Disciple is an extremely human minister, he still does not have the qualifications to directly seek empress."

"In other words, in Tianjue Holy Land, just Few people can ask empress directly."

Yun Qingyan frowned slightly.

Hou Yu promised to make the most critical step within ten days. Are you kidding him?

"The method mentioned by the subordinates poses a certain risk to the Young Master, but to the subordinates, risks and rewards coexist."

Hou Yu took a deep breath and dared not look at it. Looking towards Yun Qingyan, he lowered his head and said: "In Tianjue Holy Land, if you want to see empress directly, there is only one way to go through the'Tianli Hall'!"

Yun Qingyan did not ask What are the specific risks, and did not ask Hou Yu what the rewards are.

He just said indifferently: "What is Tianlitang?"

"In Tianjue Holy Land, anyone who encounters injustice can break into Tianlitang and get empress hosting Opportunity for justice!"

"Tianlitang has survived so far, but there are only a hundred people who have successfully broken through."

The three-armed ape Hou Yu said with his head down.

He still has one more sentence, and he doesn't know if he forgot or deliberately didn't say it.

That is the time when Tianlitang was established, the same time as Tianjue Holy Land was established.

That's the time in units of'billion'!

Even in terms of 100 million years, but a hundred...On average, there is only one in a million years!

"What happens if the force fails?" Yun Qingyan asked.

"If...If it fails, body dies and Dao disappears!" said Hou Yu, the three-armed ape, almost trembling.


The three-armed ape knelt down.

"Young Master, the subordinates really have no intention of harming Young Master!"

"This is the only way that subordinates can think of, and can see empress in the shortest time !"

"And...and the reason why the subordinates would say this method is because the subordinates know that Young Master is the god of aloof and remote!"

"Tianlitang although It's hard to break through, but it may not be able to hold the gods!"

Yun Qingyan has murderous aura on his body, but gradually disperses.

Hou Yu really did not speak about this method until he knew his realm.

At least in Hou Yu's opinion, he is quite sure of breaking through the Tianli Hall.

"And Young Master..."

Hou Yu is still kneeling, still bowing his head, "Subordinates have completely bound their own destiny with Young Master. Once Young Master can't break into Tianli Hall, his subordinates will follow body dies and Dao disappears."

Yun Qingyan is not a member of Tianjue Holy Land, so naturally he is not qualified to break into Tianli Hall.

But Hou Yu is!

When Hou Yu was still the Outer Sect Disciple of Holy Land, he suffered a huge injustice...

It’s just that he didn’t have the courage to resist, so he chose to go outside to Lin Dan City. Served as a small City Master.

"What kind of injustice have you encountered." Yun Qingyan asked.

Hou Yu couldn't help but feel happy, Yun Qingyan would ask this, it means...

He has the idea of ​​seeking justice for himself.

At the moment, he said all his experiences in the past.

Hou Yu, an ancestor, was the Remote Elder of Tianjue Holy Land...

He made countless contributions to Tianjue Holy Land.

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