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02846 Hou Yu's grievance!

Tianjue Holy Land's position is not hereditary, but those who have made a great contribution to Holy Land, their descendants can get huge preferential treatment.

For example, Hou Yu’s ancestor was Remote Elder, and his descendants within three generations can directly become inner sect disciple.

The descendants after three generations, let alone inner sect disciple, just want to join Tianjue Holy Land to become the most Ordinary handyman dísciple... they must pass the assessment.

But Hou Yu's situation is a bit special!

His ancestor of Remote Elder, the third generation descendant did not choose to join Tianjue Holy Land as the inner sect disciple.

Instead, I chose to be an Ordinary Immortal Cultivator.

Because of the choice of the third generation descendant, Tianjue Holy Land gave him a token.

This token can enable future generations to unconditionally become the inner sect disciple of Tianjue Holy Land.

Of course, this token can only be used once!

Hou Yu worshipped the Heavenly Holy Land. He passed the test. After all, the three-armed ape is God Beast...

It is nothing to pass the Heavenly Holy Land test.

Under normal circumstances, Hou Yucheng is an inner sect disciple... it is only a matter of time.

So Hou Yu did not use the ancestor's upload, and can directly become the token of inner sect disciple.

During being Outer Sect Disciple, Hou Yu fell in love with a Fox Race woman, Hu Yueer.

The two came together smoothly.

As a God Beast three-armed ape, it is only a matter of time before Hou Yucheng becomes an inner sect disciple.

So Hou Yu gave the token uploaded by ancestor to Hu Yueer.

Because of this token, Hu Yueer took one step early... and became an inner sect disciple.

At first, the relationship between the two has not changed, it is still you who love me.

After Hu Yueer hooked up another inner sect disciple...

Everything changed.

Hu Yueer changed her heart!

If Hu Yueer just changed her heart, Hou Yu would not feel resentful...

The worst result was that the two were separated.

As for what's uploaded by the ancestor, it can directly become a token of True Disciple...

At most, it is what's gone can never come back.

After all, it is only a matter of time before Hou Yucheng is an inner sect disciple.

But Hu Yueer not only changed her heart, but also together with Xinhuan...Hou Yu was framed by the establishment of a situation!

Hu Yueer pretends to be harassed by inner sect disciple Li Wei, and abets Hou Yu to give him an opportunity.

Hou Yu of full of vigor, immediately hair stands up in anger, gave Li Wei a battle book, and must fight Li Weijue to the death!

Hou Yu was impulsive in going to the Zhanshu, but also not dizzy.

At that time, Hou Yu was already the cultivation base of Heavenly God Realm Peak, and he was only one step away from winning the Divine King.

Because the body is the God Beast Three-armed Ape, although Hou Yu is only Heavenly God Realm Peak, his battle strength is infinitely close to Divine King Peak!

Of course, it's just infinitely close.

Facing Divine King Peak, Hou Yu will undoubtedly lose.

The information Hou Yu got from Hu Yueer is that inner sect disciple Li Wei is just Divine King Early-Stage!

In other words, in terms of pure battle strength, Hou Yu almost crushed Li Wei.

At the beginning of Life and Death Battle, Hou Yu discovered that Li Wei was not Divine King Early-Stage, but Divine King Peak. He was only one step away from Divine Sovereign!

That battle!

Although Hou Yu survived by fluke, he suffered severe injuries that were incurable.

If nothing happens, Hou Yu will stop at Heavenly God Realm Peak in this life.

At this time, Hou Yu discovered that the relationship between Hu Yueer and Li Wei was not the relationship between harassment and being harassed at all.

They have hooked up a long time ago.

Because Hu Yueer was afraid of Hou Yu’s potential, she was afraid that one day Hou Yu would liquidate her...

That’s why she joined Li Wei in a scene, and Hou Yu took the initiative to challenge Li Wei. .

Only in this way can Li Wei be able to get rid of Hou Yu justifiably.

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