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02847 Chapter Tianli Hall!

After Hou Yu finished this history of humiliation, he took a deep breath and looked at Yun Qingyan and said: "Although I survived by chance, I hurt the Dao Foundation. There is no hope to win the Divine King in this life."

"So frustrated, I left Tianjue Holy Land and went to Lin Dancheng to become a little City Master."

"Hu Yueer and Li Wei, see I have already impossible to threaten them, and I am very interested in sending it to a small place to be the City Master... and I have never killed me anymore."

After knowing Hou Yu’s past, Yun Qingyan was born because of Hou Yu’s selfish calculations. The disgust has faded.

Compare your heart to heart. If you encounter something like this, you will think of revenge without compromise.

Even more how, Hou Yu did not directly pull himself into the water.

He has already informed himself of the importance of Tianlitang in advance.

In other words, are you willing to use the channel of Tianlitang to see Tianjue empress...

The right to choose is still in the hands of Yun Qingyan.

"If I go to Tianlitang, I will definitely die, but Young Master is different! Young Master is a god, aloof and remote, I don’t believe that even the gods of Tianlitang will kill!"

Hou Yu's logic is very simple!

Even in Tianjue Holy Land, the gods are all aloof and remote.

The ancestor of the Remote Elder on Hou Yuzu is just the cultivation base of the gods.

Justice is something that only the weak will need.

Powerhouse itself is fair!

So the gods will not encounter when justice is needed.

Tianjue Holy Land will not let a god encounter injustice.

In Hou Yu's logic, from the moment Tianlitang existed, it would not have considered that a god would enter.

"Young Master, his subordinates do have selfishness!"

Hou Yu simply said everything in his heart: "Subordinates are unwilling to die, and they are unwilling to die! Hu Yueer doesn't know. She doesn’t actually need to lie to me. If she asks my ancestors to put the token, I will give it to her without the slightest hesitation!"

"But she chose to cheat! She chose to collude with Li Weiyao. I am dead!"

"I want justice! I want to deceive my people to pay the price, I want to count my people to pay the price! Tianlitang is the only place that can give me justice! And Young Master , Is the only one who can help me get justice through Tianli Hall!"

Hou Yu said this, suddenly looked towards Yun Qingyan, "Young Master, I will not swear, this is me Repay Young Master's attitude!"

Hou Yu's eyebrows flew out a cloud of light and shadow, as if he didn't even need time, and stopped in front of Yun Qingyan.

For a moment, a different color flashed in Yun Qingyan's heart.

Hou Yu really made a decisive decision, as long as he handed over the master and servant contract!

One of the most vicious master-servant contracts, even Yun Qingyan, who is the master, can't solve it.

Hou Yu will forever become Yun Qingyan's servant.

Even if Yun Qingyan orders Hou Yu to wipe his neck, Hou Yu can only wipe his neck obediently.

Once Yun Qingyan falls, Hou Yu will fall with him unconditionally.

"Okay, I will ask for justice for you!"

Yun Qingyan fell into the air and shot a light and shadow, and sank into Hou Yu's body.

It is also a master-servant contract!

However, the validity of this master-servant contract is only one hundred years.

If Yun Qingyan falls in the middle, this master-servant contract will also dissipate with Yun Qingyan's fall.

Hou Yu will not suffer the slightest backlash.

"Go, take me to Tianlitang!" Yun Qingyan said indifferently.

Hou Yu was excited and moved at this time.

But he didn't say anything, he just decided in his heart that he would not betray Yun Qingyan in this life.

At the moment, Hou Yu took Yun Qingyan to the foot of the sparsely crowded mountain.

"Outer Sect Disciple Hou Yu, ask Heavenly Hall Master to be fair!" Hou Yu said abruptly.

The voice spread all around Heaven and Earth.

For a while, most of the heavenly Holy Land is boiling.

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