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02850 Chapter Cloud and Mist!

Yun Qingyan, accompanied by a group of villagers and an old woman, entered the Shanliang Village.

When passing by the two stone statues, Yun Qingyan's heart trembled suddenly, and there were sporadic memories...suddenly came to his mind.

But the piecemeal information can't piece together the complete information.

It seems that he has great power, and it has sealed this memory of him.

"Son Yun, you are a rarely seen guest in our kindhearted village for a hundred years, so our village must treat you well!"

"But Son Yun fatigue one day, you must be tired and need Rest, so we first arranged a good wing room for Young Master."

"Son Yun must rest well, tonight, we will prepare the most abundant annual banquet."

The village head old woman took Yun Qingyan to the outside of a two-story building.

The other buildings in Shanliang Village are bungalows mixed with soil and stones.

This two-story building is the most luxurious building in Shanliang Village.

Yun Qingyan can feel the enthusiasm of the village chief’s old woman, her and the smiles on the faces of the surrounding villagers...

It really comes from the heart.

At the level of the cultivation base at Yun Qingyan, the perception of people has been impossible.

He even a single thought, can capture the thoughts of others.

Yun Qingyan really did that. He first penetrated the Divine Consciousness into the Sea of ​​Consciousness that exists in the old woman.

Suddenly, the old woman's thoughts all surfaced in Yun Qingyan Divine Consciousness.

"Yun Qing Young Master Yan is from the outside world. It has been a long time since Shanliang Village has been to outsiders. We must treat Son Yun with great hospitality."

"By the way, that fox has been a long time. I didn’t see it. I have to tell others to find her and take care of her. Don’t let her appear, which affects Son Yun’s view of the good village."

"There are still two months before the Chinese New Year. Time, the ingredients needed for the annual banquet are not all ready. Fortunately, there are still several hours before the evening, so we should have time to gather the ingredients."

these all are Yun Qingyan, in the village head old Information captured in woman's mind.

Next to Yun Qingyan, he peeked into the minds of other villagers.

Yun Qingyan found that these people are also happy and delighted because of their arrival.

In everyone's heart, they think that Yun Qingyan, a hard-won guest, should be recruited.

If you have children at home, you still want to bring your children to see the distinguished guests from afar at night.

"The good village, not just in name only, but also in reality." Yun Qingyan muttered in his heart.

At the moment, Divine Consciousness is withdrawn, not to spy on these people's thoughts.

After sending them away, Yun Qingyan closed the wooden door of the building.

However, instead of staying in the building, he used the Breath Restraining Technique and wandered around Shanliang Village.

There are probably more than 300 villagers in the entire Shanliang Village. Yun Qingyan found a beautiful young woman with pointed long ears in a gloomy underground cave.

"It's obviously a human, but he has two ears that look like a rabbit..."

Yun Qingyan shook his head slightly, as if thinking of the reason why she lived in a dark cave.

Not surprisingly, she accidentally ate some wild fruit, which caused her body to mutate.

Not only did the ears grow sharply like rabbits, but they also became like rabbits.

"Lin Yingying, you really are here!"

At this time, a robust man villager found the dark cave.

"A distinguished guest has come from the village. During this time, you must hide it so that the distinguished guest will not find it."

"By the way, this is your favorite water radish, you Don’t starve yourself."

This robust man villager, Yun Qingyan left an impression. When Yun Qingyan spied his thoughts before, he planned to bring his five-year-old son to see Yun Qingyan at night. VIP.

The robust man villagers looked towards the beautiful woman and their gazes were all concerned. After putting down a basket of radishes, he left the dark cave.

During the process, the beautiful woman ignored the robust man villagers.

Even after he left, he didn't even glance at the basket of carrots left by the other party.

At this time, an action of the beautiful woman attracted the attention of concern.

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