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02852 Chapter evil corpse!

Using Yun Qingyan’s current cultivation base, the Clone Body was destroyed, and the damage to the body...

It is so small that it can be said to be negligible.

The reason why he vomited blood was because after his Clone Body was eaten, there was a baleful aura extending to the body.

It was this baleful aura that caused Yun Qingyan to spout a mouthful of blood uncontrollably.

"The evil corpse, it turned out to be the evil corpse!" Yun Qingyan at this time finally knew what was inside the stone lion.

That child, turned out to be an evil corpse!

Even in God World, evil corpses belong to the legendary taboo.

Because the conditions for refining the evil corpse are extremely harsh, and it is against the heavens and harmony!

At the moment when the evil corpse took shape, Heavenly Dao Union descended the terrifying Thunder Tribulation to ruin it.

"If it is an evil corpse, then there is a girl in the other stone statue!"

"And the scarlet child was born at the same time on the same day as the siblings relationship."

"Not only that, they are born with defects, one has no heart, the other has no spleen, but they can all live like normal people!"

"And become evil corpses, must them Volunteer, and will have great resentment towards people or things before death. Only in this way can they become evil corpses."

Seeing that it was evil corpses, Yun Qingyan was furious.

Yun Qingyan looked at these two stone statues, as if he had forgotten the severe damage he suffered just now.

He whispered, "You are only ten years old and belong to the best stage of your life. But at such a beautiful stage, you have suffered injuries that even adults cannot afford."

"But you can rest assured that no matter who is who refines you into evil corpses, I will ask for justice for you!"

When it comes to the word'justice', Yun Qingyan's eyes flashed unprecedented firmness.

He can almost imagine the pain the siblings endured before they died.

First, he was mentally devastated, so great hatred and resentment arose!

Then, he was forced to...voluntarily be refined into evil corpses.

"hu hu..." Yun Qingyan breathed, unconsciously becoming panting.

He thought of something.

A piece of dust has been sealed for a long, long time... Yun Qingyan has never wanted to go back to the past.

That was his encounter in Immortal World, not the Immortal Emperor.

At that time, Yun Qingyan had a certain reputation and foundation in Immortal World.

At that time, he had a pair of twin siblings followers.

Yun Qingyan offended a super Aristocratic Family!

The foundation run by Yun Qingyan was pulled up by the roots by this super Aristocratic Family overnight.

Yun Qingyan convicted the super Aristocratic Family because of the pair of siblings!

Because of the super Aristocratic Family, I want to refine the pair of siblings into evil corpses.

The situation at the time was that the forces run by Yun Qingyan were destroyed, and Yun Qingyan and his subordinates were captured alive.

Yun Qingyan and the others, became the bargaining chip used by the super Aristocratic Family to threaten the twin siblings.

The pair of twin siblings, the man was chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, but left a breath.

The woman was sold into the brothel, and she was forced to borrow thousands of customers...

Both of them had a terrible hatred and resentment!

But even if they have monstrous hatred, they have to cooperate with that super Aristocratic Family... to be refined into evil corpses!

Because as long as they don't cooperate, Yun Qingyan and the others will be killed.

The final result is that at the moment when the evil corpse was refined, Heavenly Dao sent a terrible punishment...

Ruin directly the pair of siblings!

Also lost at the last moment, Yun Qingyan protected the souls of the pair of siblings with secret treasures, giving them a chance to reincarnate.

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