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Chapter 02853 is confusing!

Yun Qingyan has seen the evil corpse with his own eyes and witnessed how the evil corpse is made.

Because of this, he responded with such great sympathy to the pair of siblings.

This pair of siblings, before being refined into evil corpses, had already endured great physical and mental pain.

Before this, their hearts were full of resentment towards the world and this World.

At the moment they were willing to be refined into evil corpses, the resentment and hatred in their hearts was suddenly magnified to an infinite degree.

So when Yun Qingyan's Clone Body touched the little boy in the stone statue, the first sentence of the other party was: Damn you all!

"But it's weird..."

Yun Qingyan still has a doubt in his heart.

Although the evil corpse is the source of resentment, its resentment will not be endless.

Theoretically, the grievances of the evil corpse may also be exhausted for a day.

Unless, the evil corpse can regularly replenish grievances.

But in Shanliang Village, every villager is an unarmed Ordinary.

They should not be able to add resentment to the evil corpse.

Even in Yun Qingyan's view, the villagers of Shanliang Village may not know the existence of the evil corpse.

"Who is hidden behind the good village?"

"The one who refines the evil corpse is the one hiding behind?"

Yun Qingyan was whispered in his heart, he had already sorted out a line in his heart.

In order to clarify these doubts, the first task...

is to first know what world you are in, or what place it is.


At this moment, Yun Qingyan's eyebrows slammed.

He stayed in the Clone Body of Shanliang Village's residence and noticed someone approaching.

"It's her..."

She in Yun Qingyan's mouth refers to the beautiful woman with rabbit ears.

Yun Qingyan can leave and fly to the residence, as if he doesn't even need time, and he returns to the attic.

But before Yun Qingyan went to see the beautiful woman, two village women stopped the rabbit ear beautiful woman.

"The village chief is right, you vixen will definitely find ways to see the distinguished guests!"

"Lin Yingying, let us go, the village chief has already arranged a new residence for you . As long as the distinguished guest is still in the good village for one day, you can’t leave at one step."

The two village women stopped the rabbit-ear beautiful woman Lin Yingying immediately and said one after another.

As if worried about Lin Yingying’s reluctance, one of the village women immediately said: "Lin Yingying, you seduce my Husband, and after I caught and raped you in bed, do you remember the way I punished you? "

"The village chief said, if you are not obedient today, I can use that method to punish you again!"

Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness caught it, and said When the village woman said this, the expression on her face was gnashing teeth.

Lin Yingying's eyes are full of fear.

"I...I don't know that any distinguished guests are visiting, I...I'm just hungry, and I'm looking for food."

Lin Yingying said timidly.

While his tone of voice is fearful and timid, he also appears rusty, as if he hasn't spoken to anyone for a long time.

"Don’t worry about eating, the village has prepared it for you, let’s go with us!"

As these two village women said, they caught Lin Yingying’s arm alone , And leave in the opposite direction of the attic.

For a moment, Yun Qingyan wanted to stop them, but in the end he endured it.

After all, this is a matter of the good village, and he is not suitable for intervention by an outsider.

It is strange to him that the people in the good village, why not let Lin Yingying contact him.

Furthermore, the village woman said just now that Lin Yingying seduce her Husband, but Lin Yingying didn't deny it either...

This matter also made Yun Qingyan feel some doubts.

Yun Qingyan looks at people, and is somewhat accurate. The feeling that a beautiful woman gives her...

It's not like a person with three and four.

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