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The 02854 chapter is full of treasures!

Shortly after Lin Yingying was taken away, the village head old woman brought a group of villagers to the outside of the attic where Yun Qingyan lived.

At this time, the sky is clear, and it's the time of day and night.

dong! dong! dong!

Outside the wing where Yun Qingyan lived, there was a knock on the door.

At the same time, the voice of the village chief’s old woman also rang, “Son Yun, our kind-hearted village has prepared the most sumptuous annual banquet.”

Everyone, Village Chief You Lao!" Yun Qingyan opened the door and said to a crowd of people cup one fist in the other hand.

"Son Yun, you are polite, you are the most honored guest in our kindhearted village. We should treat you with the most sumptuous annual banquet."

The old woman, the village chief, said , Took Yun Qingyan out of the attic.

They walked all the way to the largest clearing in the center of the village.

A distance of several kilometers, you can see the rising Lao Gao bonfire.

As the distance drew closer, the smell of roasted meat poured into Yun Qingyan's nose.

Even Yun Qingyan, who has not known for many years, has rarely experienced the feeling of'hungry' after smelling this scent.

"How is it possible..."

After releasing Divine Consciousness, Yun Qingyan couldn't help being stupid.

A huge bird stood on top of the flames of piles of wood.

That bird is actually Kun Peng.

And before his death, at least Kun Peng of Divine Venerable Realm.

God, that is the realm of second only to Divine Emperor, which is a realm higher than Yun Qingyan today!

Yun Qingyan endured the shock until he came to the bonfire dinner...

Can’t help but ask: "The village chief, this is Kun Peng from Divine Venerable Realm. You...how did you catch it?"

Yun Qingyan almost didn't say it, you are all Ordinary people without a cultivation base, how can you catch Kun Peng!

"Divine Venerable Realm?"

The eyes of the village chief old woman and the villagers next to them both flashed with confusion.

Obviously, the cultivation realm is very strange to them.

"Young Master knows something. We villagers alone, of course, can't go deep into the deep mountains and old forests that are full of crises."

"But our kind village has Guardian God, Guardian God It not only protects our peace all year round, but also hunts us in the mountains."

The old woman, the village chief, said.

What she didn't know was that Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness had already locked her when she answered.

As long as she has a false word, she can't escape Yun Qingyan's perception.

Obviously, Yun Qingyan did not find that the village chief’s old woman was lying.

"Son Yun, if you promise to stay in our good village forever, we can take you to see our Guardian God."

"Son Yun, although our good village is perennial Isolated from the world, but there are also beautiful scenery outside. With Son Yun’s appearance and appearance, it must be popular in our kind village."

"Son Yun, you have to consider staying in our kind village and becoming Are we one of us?"

"Son Yun, you are a cultivation person. Although our kind village can't give you a cultivation technique, our kind village has countless Heaven and Earth Treasures, you can Help you break through to the higher realm."

Villagers of Shanliang Village, you say one thing to me. Everyone eagerly hopes that Yun Qingyan can stay in Shanliang Village.

At this time, the village head old woman asked a few villagers to carry a ginseng weighing several hundred kilograms.

"How could it be..."

Seeing this ginseng, Yun Qingyan felt another shock.

That is not ginseng, but the'source of divine force' condensed by Power of God.

It's just being polished to look like ginseng.

"For such a pure source of'divine force', after I refining... I am afraid that I can reach the Divine Venerable Realm in a spurt of energy!"

Yun Qingyan was whispered in his heart.

At this moment, he became more and more curious about the kindness village.

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