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Chapter 02858 How can she do this! !

Twenty years ago, Lin Yingying suddenly became pregnant, and the kind-hearted village at that time was a sensation.

Because Lin Yingying is not married.

Shenliang Village is just a village, and everyone in the village knows each other.

Lin Yingying's age has not reached the time of the distribution of marriage, and she is impossible at this time to doubt.

Unless, she surpassed the rules of the good village, and arbitrarily make love with others...

In accordance with the rules of the good village, Lin Yingying was going to be executed...

But the people in the good village used dozens of methods, such as soaking the pig cage, pouring poison, and fire. Burning...

Lin Yingying is a lively dragon and animated tiger, unscathed.

Next to Lin Yingying's body, mutation appeared. Her original ears became pointed ears, and her body also gained a kind of attraction to the opposite sex.

Since then, the men in the village have been obsessed with Lin Yingying's soul.

During Lin Yingying's pregnancy, because of physical inconvenience, the men's obsession with her can be restrained.

After Lin Yingying gave birth to a pair of twin siblings, everything changed.

The first person who had sex with Lin Yingying and was caught was Chen Qingxi.

That is the adult robust man who gave Lin Yingying fresh radishes in the daytime.

It is worth mentioning that Chen Qingxi was only the first person who had sex with Lin Yingying and was caught...

He is not the only one!

In the whole kind-hearted village, there are more than fifty men arrested on the spot...

Although the others were not caught on the spot, who can guarantee that they...have nothing happened with Lin Yingying?

Lin Yingying has become the most unpopular, or the most despised person in the kind-hearted village.

It's not just women who spit on him!

Many male villagers also joined the ranks of insulting Lin Yingying for the sake of'self-certification' innocence.

Chen Qingxi, on the surface is one of the people who spurned Lin Yingying.

"Where are the twin siblings born by Lin Yingying?" Yun Qingyan asked the village head old woman.

"This pair of twin siblings have been carried since birth. Our Shanliang Village has always been in good weather. After they were born... Shanliang Village has a drought for one year, and floods for a year, so repeatedly!"

"Lin Yingying himself beat and scolded the twin siblings at every turn, raising them like cattle." The village head old woman sighed said.

"No matter who Lin Yingying gave birth to this pair of siblings, it is not the children who are at fault, they are innocent..." When the village chief old woman said this, her eyes suddenly turned red and there was a faint Glistening.

"old woman, the thing I regret most in my life is that I did not forcefully take the pair of siblings from Lin Yingying, old woman, if I raise them personally, the latter thing will not happen. ......"

Yun Qingyan discovered that the thinking in the head of the village head old woman's mind was muddled again at this time.

Yun Qingyan can only use the way of listening to let the village chief old woman tell the next thing.

"Ten years ago, on the day when the twin siblings turned ten years old, Lin Yingying did something that was indignant and unacceptable!"

"She deceived the village first People said that the pair of twin siblings ran into the depths of the deserted forest because of their playfulness. When all the villagers in the village went to find this pair of twin siblings, Lin Yingying was at the entrance of the village, using an evil secret technique... Twin siblings, sacrificed to the Guardian God of the good village!"

When the village chief old woman talked about this, her body couldn't stop shaking, she was angry, extremely angry.

"That's her flesh and blood, the flesh and blood she personally gave birth to in her belly! How can she get the blood of living people out, how can she do this!!!"

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