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Chapter 02859 gradually lifts the fog!

"The most heinous thing is that the Guardian God in our kind-hearted village is also contaminated. Although it will not harm our villagers, but..."

The village chief old woman said, "But 'When I suddenly stopped talking, "Son Yun, the rest is related to the secrets of our village, old woman, I won't tell you more."

For a moment Yun Qingyan was also angry, he could not imagine a mother would do such a cruel thing.

But soon, Yun Qingyan calmed down.

According to the village chief's old woman, the Guardian God of the good village...that is, the evil corpse, was made by Lin Yingying personally with her child.

Yun Qingyan can't figure out what is the purpose of Lin Yingying doing this.

Furthermore, even her own flesh and blood can be cruelly refined into evil corpses. How could Lin Yingying let the people of the kind village go?

"Lin Yingying, don't you have anything to say?" Yun Qingyan hand grasps, a horrible energy swept out, and the next moment took Lin Yingying over.

"Son Yun, also... please be fair to me!" Lin Yingying knelt down with a puff.

The old woman, the village chief, and all the villagers present are complexion greatly changed.

The old woman, the village chief, was the first to jump out, "Son Yun, please don't be deceived by Lin Yingying. This woman is licentious and cunning by nature, and she made up all lies.

"Come on, take Lin Yingying along to withdraw! "The old woman, the village chief, was immediately instructed.

Then she turned her head and looked towards Yun Qingyan, "Son Yun, you are a distinguished guest, and our kind village will also treat you with the highest annual banquet!" Please also Son Yun not to interfere in the affairs of our kind village! "

Immediately two villagers stepped forward and forcibly grabbed Lin Yingying's shoulders, and they were about to take her along to withdraw.

"No, no, Son Yun, please Please help me, Son Yun help, Son Yun help..."

Lin Yingying yelled in panic. Faced with two robust men, she was unable to resist.

The long old woman walked over at this time and stuffed a strip of white cloth into Lin Yingying's mouth.

"Hold on! "Yun Qingyan spoke again, and an imposing manner of no anger and authority swept out of him.

These people, facing Yun Qingyan’s imposing manner, instantly keep quiet out of fear, You can’t move.

"I didn’t intend to interfere with the kindness village. But I have to let Lin Yingying finish talking, right? "

When Yun Qingyan spoke, he pointed Lin Yingying with a flick, and the terrifying Power of God sank into Lin Yingying's body.

Suddenly, Lin Yingying's body surface was slightly injured. And the violent mood swings have been soothed.

"Son Yun, are you not surprised about the good village? "Lin Yingying took a deep breath.

"The village chief himself said that Shanliang Village has existed for many years, and during these long years...Shenliang Village has always been isolated from the world. . Since it is isolated from the world, how does the good village control the population? "

Even if Lin Yingying didn't say anything about this problem, Yun Qingyan had already realized it.

As everyone knows, if a place is a combination of people of similar blood...


There is a high probability that the offspring born will have diseases, disabilities, etc. that normal people do not have.

And Yun Qingyan in Shanliang Village, everyone he sees is normal.

It seems that there is no such thing as close relatives here.

"Son Yun, now you understand why these people are desperately leaving you here in the good village, right? ? "

"They need your bloodline, they need your bloodline that is completely different from the kindness village! If you stay in the good village, then no accident, every girl in the village will unite with you, and they will give you offspring one after another! "

"And you offspring will inject new blood into the good village for a long time! "

When Lin Yingying said this, her conversation suddenly changed, "Are you still surprised that everyone you meet in Shanliang Village is a normal person?" Where did those abnormal people go? "

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