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Chapter 02861 The fog has risen again!


Tianli Hall of Tianjue Holy Land!

Yun Qingyan's new follower... Hou Yu, the three-armed ape, encountered injustice in Tianjue Holy Land!

Injustice, Hou Yuwei is humble, and Heavenly Holy Land impossible will be fair to him.

So, Yun Qingyan broke into the Tianli Hall for him.

Of course, Yun Qingyan did this, in addition to moving the compass, he wanted to seek justice for Hou Yu.

Because he can see Tianjue empress directly after breaking through Tianli Hall.

"Now it seems that the world I live in is an environment."

"But it is by no means a simple environment, not surprisingly, this World is made by man. , But the people in Shanliang Village are real."

Yun Qingyan believes that this World is an illusion because this World is too terrifying.

Outside the Shanliang Village is the wild forest of Divine Venerable Realm.

In reality, there is such a place in the world impossible.

After all, it is a god, and it is already the second only to Divine Emperor.

"If Lin Yingying's words are true, what I have to do this time is to uphold justice for her."

"But if only to give her justice, then this test is unavoidable. It’s too simple, the whole Tian Jue Holy Land... After countless thousands of years, only a few people are impossible to break through."

Yun Qingyan felt whispered in his heart. In his opinion, there must be something he overlooked in it. The place.

"Son Yun, you... don't listen to Lin Yingying's side, things are far from what Lin Yingying said."

"Lin Yingying two children are born There is a disability, both men and women have no reproductive organs, so from the moment they were born, they were discarded by Lin Yingying."

"This pair of siblings grew up eating a hundred families in a kind village. If there is no kindness, The villagers of the village, they have long since starved to death."

When the village chief old woman said this, her mind really came to mind, that pair of twin siblings, going door-to-door.

Families who have been squandered, regardless of age or sex, are full of enthusiasm and sympathy for the twin siblings.

These pictures are real and cannot be fabricated. It is a scene recorded in the memory of the village head old woman.

The village chief’s old woman gets more and more excited as she speaks, “Son Yun, this pair of twin siblings is...we are fed by everyone in our kind-hearted village, how could we bear to hurt them.”

"And...and if we really want to harm the siblings, why wait for them to grow up!"

At this time, Lin Yingying also emotionally said excitedly, "That is Because Zhang Eqiao suddenly appeared when they were ten years old, and... and taught you the vicious method of refining evil corpses!"

"You survive for the sake of the good village, and no longer receive food. , Food troubles, following Zhang Eqiao’s advice, my pair of hard-to-fail children were made into evil corpses!"

When Lin Yingying talked about'Zhang Eqiao', his mind came to mind There was a silhouette with an invisible face.

Although he can't see his face clearly, his body is full of the aura of a predator.

"Zhang Eqiao?"

Everyone, including the village chief old woman, and other villagers present, showed doubts on their faces when they heard the name .

"Lin Yingying, your shameless is really beyond the expectation of my old woman!"

"Not only is she full of nonsense 8 Dao, she pours dirty water on our kind village, She even made up an unnecessarily name." The village head old woman said with a sneer in a hurry.

"Lin Yingying, please tell me specifically who Zhang Eqiao is and what kind of person is!"

"Lin Yingying, I have been in Shanliang Village for so long, I have never heard of Zhang Eqiao. I also want to hear from you, who the hell is Zhang Eqiao!"

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