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Chapter 02862 Land of Buried Bones!

The old woman, the village chief, and the villagers present when they heard the name'Zhang Eqiao' couldn't help being taken aback, and then they all sneered angrily.

Obviously, they don't even know the person'Zhang Eqiao', and they haven't even heard of the name.

"Lin Yingying, our kind-hearted village is isolated from the world. If there is a sudden visit by outsiders, how could we not know."

"Take Son Yun as an example, he just arrived , The whole kindness village is a sensation! Since you invented Zhang Eqiao, you should always tell us what kind of person he is?"

"Yes, you should always tell us, Zhang Eqiao What kind of person is it?"

"Lin Yingying, we are really curious, who is Zhang Eqiao, you really have to tell us about it!"

All Everyone coldly said that you said a word to me.

Their reaction can't deceive people, at least it can't deceive Yun Qingyan.

They really don't know the person'Zhang Eqiao'.

"hahaha, you are so good, you don’t even remember the former head of the good village!"

"Have you erased your memory or are you Pretending to be garlic, acting?"

"But when it comes to acting, all of you are experts, otherwise you wouldn’t be hypocritical every day."

Lin Yingying His gaze coldly swept over everyone present, "Did you really think of yourself as a good person? Did you really act in the bones? I think that the village of kindness is really a gathering of kind people. Isn't it?"

When someone erased his memory, Lin Yingying certainly didn't say it accidentally.

Instead, they are telling Yun Qingyan in disguise that these people don't know about'Zhang Eqiao', they have erased their memory.

"Son Yun, since they don’t know Zhang Eqiao, but I have a way to force Zhang Eqiao to show up!"

"As long as Zhang Eqiao Eqiao’s appearance, all the fog can be lifted. Just one thing, I want to remind Son Yun first, the cultivation realm of “Zhang Eqiao”...may not be under Son Yun."

"Although I really want Son Yun to uphold justice for me, but if Son Yun is not sure enough to deal with'Zhang Eqiao', I... would rather not have this justice!"

Lin Yingying finished At this, he took a deep breath.

Zhang Eqiao gave her memory too terrifying.

If Yun Qingyan can't deal with him after Zhang Eqiao is drawn out, then Yun Qingyan's fate...

may be very miserable.

"I don't know if I can deal with Zhang Eqiao, but your fairness, I have given it!" Yun Qingyan said without hesitation.

The village head old woman and the others, upon hearing Yun Qingyan’s words, her complexion was slightly 1st Transformation.

Yun Qingyan will say this remark, which means... he has listened to Lin Yingying's slander!

"Many...many thanks Son Yun!" Lin Yingying got excited, she knelt down and kowtows to Yun Qingyan.

But it was blocked by Yun Qingyan.

Lin Yingying is really excited, unprecedented excitement, this day...

She has been waiting for a long, long time.

She lives for justice, to recover the justice owed to her by the kind-hearted village.

Lin Yingying took a deep breath heavily. After calming down the excitement in his heart, he said: "Son Yun, I'm just a broken flower and a willow. There is nothing to repay Son Yun."

"All I can do is to make Son Yun have a clear conscience, punish the worst wicked person, and hoe the most treacherous nephew!"

Lin Yingying said, she has already set off to walk in front,"Son Yun, let me first take you to see the Land of Buried Bones in Shanliang Village."

The village chief old woman and the villagers, seeing the direction Lin Yingying is walking, their faces are all 1st Transformation. .

But before they had time to stop, Yun Qingyan imprisoned their words and deeds.

"You all follow." Yun Qingyan's thoughts enveloped everyone present, forcibly supporting them to follow behind him.

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