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Chapter 02863 is about to start killing!

Lin Yingying took Yun Qingyan all the way to the outside of the attic where Yun Qingyan lived.

She stopped and seemed to be watching, and she seemed to be smelling a certain smell.

Finally, she pointed her finger at the eight slabs at the entrance of the attic.

This stone slab looks ordinary, it is the most Ordinary marble.

But Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness, after passing through the slate... the eyebrows are slightly condensed.

Because of the invisible Formation Law, Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness was stopped.

"Son Yun, are you ready?" Lin Yingying suddenly said, "The things under the stone slab may make Yun Qingyan angry."

Yun Qingyan slightly nodded , An invisible force rippled from him.

ka ka ……

Including the land where Yun Qingyan lives, the earth within a radius of 100 meters suddenly rises from the ground...

A pit one hundred meters long and fifty meters wide appeared in everyone's sight.

Looking down from a height, this pit is shaped like a coffin.

In the pit, there is blood-colored baleful aura, blood-colored baleful aura visible in naked eye.


"Full of nine hundred and ninety-nine coffins!"

Yun Qingyan's Divine Consciousness, through the layers of baleful aura, Saw the neatly arranged 999 bottles of coffins.

Every coffin is laid with a'source array' to extract some energy from the coffin...

Finally, it feeds back to all the Formation Laws in the good village.

Obviously, the source of the Seven Seven Forty 9 Dao Formation Law that covers the good village...

It is not just the two village guarding stone lions at the entrance of the village.

"No, the energy provided by these coffins does not nurture the Formation Law..."

Yun Qingyan's eyebrows are condensed again.

Then he flew out, two eyes bursting out a terrifying golden light, "Eye of the Dao——"

In Yun Qingyan's sight, there appeared a series of veins, It's like meridian.

In every vein, there is surging energy, the energy formed by baleful aura.

"Lin Yingying, how many places are there in the whole Shanliang Village?"

Yun Qingyan looked towards Lin Yingying, but before Lin Yingying could answer, Yun Qingyan immediately again Said: "It is seventy-nine 49, or 9 by 9, 81!" At this time, Yun Qingyan was shocked, sullen again, and has several points of... jealous!

He hopes to be the former!

If the latter is the case, he will kill, and he will not stay alive in the whole kind-hearted village!

Of course, the killing is just what Yun Qingyan wants to do, and it must be done!

Whether the killing can be carried out as desired, it depends on...the person hiding behind, what is the specific cultivation base!

Yun Qingyan's gaze is fixed on Lin Yingying, he is waiting for Lin Yingying's answer!

"9 by 9, 81!" Lin Yingying took a deep breath.

Yun Qingyan's ability to ask this question is enough to show that Yun Qingyan really has a few brushes.

At the same time, Lin Yingying also saw the solemnity on Yun Qingyan's face.

“9 by 9, 81 ……”


Although I had expected it in my heart, I heard the answer from Lin Yingying , Yun Qingyan still breathed out again.

He is forcibly suppressing the murderous intention in his heart.

"You really deserve to die!"

Yun Qingyan's gaze swept over everyone in Shanliang Village.

"Formation Rise, the bird in the cage!"

Yun Qingyan loudly shouted, and eight banners flew out of the space ring.

These eight banners envelop the village of kindness in an instant.

Yun Qingyan has imprisoned the entire kind-hearted village.

Unless he falls, this Formation Law will always exist.

Because Yun Qingyan regards himself as the formation eye of the "bird in cage".

What did Yun Qingyan discover that would make him angry enough to lay down... such a Formation Law?

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